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OWO Desk Work for Hot Brunette Call Girl

The escort with brunette hair undid his fly and he almost jumped out of his seat. Even though he'd been expecting her to make a move, Suzanne still managed to take him by surprise. His heart hammered so hard in his chest that he was sure his boss would be able to hear it. OWO at his desk whilst on the telephone to his female boss - the London escort had certainly picked a very interesting moment! He felt her cool hands reach into his pants and grasp his hardening dick. I'm sorry, could you repeat that. The line went bad for a moment there,' he said. He tried to concentrate on the list of grievances that he needed to find solutions for. His hand shook whilst he wrote them down on the pad in front of him. A quick glance showed him the top of the Paddington based escort's sleek head, her bare pert breasts jutting against his open thighs. He watched as the brunette escort's sensuous lips closed around the tip of his cock and his eyelids fluttered with the intense sexual thrill. 'Perfect,' he said, 'I will get onto that the moment I put the phone down.' Suzanne's mouth worked its way down the length of his rigid dick. He stifled a groan. 'I'm sure that I can get them to work harder...' the sexy brunette escort sucked him harder, 'a lick and a polish and I'll soon get them in to shape.' He watched her tongue lick his cock from base to tip whilst her hand wanked him. His stomach lurched with barely repressed desire. She was so adorable, so sexual, so erotic. 'Sorry, the line cut out again... ah, yes, the new competition are such suckers.' He had to put all of his self control into preventing himself from crying out as Suzanne took his whole dick in her mouth and sucked him hard. 'We've got his balls in our hands.' The young brunette escort rolled his swollen balls between her agile fingers. 'Wow! You're good. Yes... you, boss, you've done a grand job.' Suzanne's head bobbed up and down on his stiff dick making loud, enthusiastic sucking sounds. 'That sound? It's late, the cleaner is scrubbing the windows. Her dedication is to be commended.' He leant back in his chair, getting a full view of the kneeling sexy London escort. The feminine lines of her back, the curve of her ass, the sexy high heels. 'I'm gagging to get my hands on that account,' he said. Suzanne took his cock deeper down her throat. The brunette escort's slender body convulsing as she gagged with each suck. He felt the heat begin to build in his groin, the tightening in his balls, the gathering of euphoria in his gut. His fingers on one hand undid the buttons on his shirt. 'I'm coming through next Tuesday so we'll get it finished off then.' The beautiful escort spread his shirt baring his chest and stomach. She lifted her head and watched with avid delight. 'Yes. I've got it done.' Somehow he managed to keep his voice level as his climax burst through his body and spunk splashed like a white fountain from the tip of his dick onto his naked skin. 'See you next Tuesday,' he said and hung up the phone. 'Fuck!' he yelled, 'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! That was the best OWO ever.' Suzanne smiled at him, her gorgeous face all lit up. He pulled his brunette escort towards him and kissed her passionately, enjoying the feel of her bare breasts sliding through the slippery cum that coated his chest.


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