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OWO CIM for Anal Call Girl Amy

The slim, curvy body of the anal escort looked stunning under the running water of the shower. Amy's long, blonde hair was darkened by the hot water, sculpted to her head, accentuating the beautiful lines of her face. He gazed at her full lips, her mouth slightly open, breaths coming in small gasps as her orgasm slowly faded. Pulling his hand from between her slippery thighs, he turned the anal escort around and pressed his body against hers, enjoying the feel of her round buttocks against his hard cock. The hot London escort moaned and pressed harder against him, arching her back and pushing her full breasts out. He reached around and cupped one breast in each hand. The feminine globes felt so good, the perfect size and weight for his preference. Ducking his head, he kissed the anal escort's neck and felt his dick slip between her ass cheeks. Everything was slippery from their sexy showering. Fuck my ass,' said Amy, 'Please fuck my ass.' 'Your wish is my command, my lady,' he said, grasping his stiff erection and guiding it to her tight asshole. His gaze dropped to her ass cheeks, watching his dick push its way inside her and slowly disappear. Her tight grip was exquisite, such intense pleasure flooded his soaking wet body. 'Yes,' groaned the anal escort, 'Take me deeper, fuck me harder.' He obliged her yearnings, pumping his cock in and out of the sexy body of the anal escort. His finger found her clit and she bucked against him, the shivers that his touch sent through her pussy beating against his cock in her ass. He held her smooth body tight against him and fucked her until she came again. Pulling out, her hugged her close giving her time to recover enough to stand. 'Suck my dick,' he whispered in her ear. Amy giggled and turned to face him. The anal escort stood on tiptoe and kissed him passionately on the lips before kneeling under the falling shower water. Her small hand massaged his rock hard dick, wanking and washing it with the same deft movements. With a loud groan, he watched her lips cover the tip of his cock. The tight heat of her mouth enfolded him, taking him into her throat and sucking him with a skill unsurpassed by anything that he had ever experienced before. It was Amy's turn to hold him up, her hands grasping his buttocks whilst his legs shivered and shook. Ecstasy flooded his mind and a rush of pleasure shot from his balls, up his shaft. Cum pumped into the anal escort's mouth whilst she continued giving him OWO until she had sucked him dry. Warm water splashed over their sated bodies whilst they both thought up what sexual adventure they would move onto when they had recuperated.


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