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OWO CIM Finale with Hot Russian Call Girl

The Russian escort girl was the woman of his dreams. He was so glad that he had contacted the best escort agency in London and found Amelly. She was class, she was beauty, she was sex at its most potent. Never had he felt as incredible as he had the first moment that this goddess had smiled at him. His hands had trembled when he undressed her, revealing more and more of his fantasies come true with each item of clothing that he removed. The Russian escort surpassed his imagination, made every nerve in his body buzz with erotic desire. Now, looking up at her naked body straddling his, he felt like the luckiest man alive. He groaned as the London escort rode him. Her tight, wet pussy was hot around his stiff cock. His hands rested on the swell of her hips, feeling them move in a smooth undulating motion, drawing him deep inside her sexy body with each thrust. The movement of the Russian escort's body caused her perfect breasts to bounce and sway, his eyes unable to tear away from the feminine globes. He loved how pink her nipples were, erect and pointy, stimulated by their love making. Amelly's sensuous lips were parted, her breath becoming ragged, her thrusts increasing in tempo. 'You make me so horny,' the Russian escort groaned, 'I cannot hold back.' Her soft blonde hair flicked back as she cried out, her fingernails clawing his chest. He felt her pussy grip his cock in a powerful clutching rhythm. The passion of the escort in Mayfair was absolute, she held nothing back. He watched her orgasm flow through her in ever decreasing waves. When the Russian escort finally gave a satisfied sigh, he was still staring at her, totally absorbed in the beauty of her sexual release. Amelly smiled at him and lifted her body off his hard dick. She slid her gorgeous body down his legs, keeping her eyes locked on his. He groaned when he saw her lips hovering over the glistening tip of his erection. 'Oh, yes!' he gasped, watching his shaft disappear into her hot mouth. Amelly's head bobbed up and down, she used her tongue, her cheeks, her lips to provide him with the most intense pleasure he had ever experienced. 'Incredible,' he murmured, just before his body stiffened. He grasped the sheets, his body straining, his balls feeling as if they were going to explode. With an almighty rush, ecstasy burst through his body and spunk shot up his shaft. On and on went his climax, cum filling the young Russian escort's expert mouth. The euphoria that swirled though his mind was exquisite. Not only had this golden goddess given him the most amazing OWO but she had let him cum in her mouth. He couldn't wait until he could see her again.


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