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CIM Call Girl Just Following Orders

The CIM escort gave him a smart salute. Sina looked gorgeous in her body-sculpted military uniform. The short skirt skimmed her round buttocks and the low-cut jacket gave him a cock hardening eyeful of her ample cleavage. Her cap was set at a jaunty angle, her hair pulled back into a neat bun, tendrils of blonde hair sexily caressing her elegant neck. 'Are you a good soldier?' he asked. 'I am the best soldier you will ever have,' replied the escort with blonde hair, her eyes dancing with enjoyment at the game. 'I'm glad to hear that because I need a soldier who will follow orders without question.' 'I am that soldier,' said Sina, standing to attention and pushing her incredible breasts out, 'I will do whatever you order me to do, no question.' 'Good,' he said, feeling his dick pulsing in his trousers, 'Come here.' The sexy CIM escort marched towards him. Her high heels banging on the floor with each determined step. She stopped in front of him, not making eye contact, holding roleplay character. He grasped the back of her slender neck and kissed her passionately. Sina responded with enthusiasm, pressing her sexy body against his, grasping his ass cheeks. He pushed his fingers into the CIM escort's soft hair, messing up the neat bun and pushing her cap to the floor. Abruptly, he broke off the kiss and Sina immediately stood to attention again. She looked so alluring, with her lipstick and hair in disarray, her chest heaving. 'Suck my dick, soldier,' he said. 'Yes, sir,' said the busty escort with a smart salute. The London escort girl undid his trousers and - with his boxers - lowered them down to his ankles. As she did so, she dropped to her knees in front of him. His hard cock sprang free, the tip glistening with pre-cum. Sina grasped his bare buttocks with her hands and slid his shaft into her hot, wet mouth. Her agile tongue flicked over his sensitive glans and her cheeks closed tightly around his length. He began to fuck the CIM escort's face, sliding his dick down her throat, watching her fight the gag reflex. His fingers wound through her silky hair, pulling it free of the pins that had held it so neatly. In and out went his cock. The sucking and slurping sound of her mouth around his shaft was such a turn on. His body began to tremor and pressure built in his groin while pleasure pulsed through his veins. The young CIM escort held him steady whilst she continued to suck his cock, driving him towards euphoria. In and out, back and forth, the heat of her mouth and the skill of her tongue was too much to bear. Spunk rushed up his shaft shooting into Sina's mouth in powerful bursts. The CIM escort kept sucking. On and on went his climax, cum pulsing into her wonderful mouth until he was completely dry. He shivered and trembled, leaning on her shoulders, allowing her to support him whilst he recovered. When he finally had control over his legs again, he pulled his trousers up. Sina got to her feet and stood to attention. 'Excellent work, soldier,' he said, 'You've passed selection. We'll be seeing a lot more of each other from now on.' Sina allowed herself a small smile and gave him a smart salute. He felt his cock start to stiffen again.


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