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OWO at the Movies with Hot Russian Call Girl

The hot Russian escort was snuggled up close to him, her subtle feminine scent filling his senses. Memories of the afternoon with Tia were strong in his mind. They had spent hours in bed together, rain pattering at the windows, lost in the heat and passion of their bodies. It had been incredible, the best sex he had ever had. They were now in the darkness of the cinema and just thinking about such things had made his dick harden. He yearned for the brunette escort to slide her beautiful lips around his shaft and give him OWO. She made him so horny - the closeness of her body, her scent, the memories, the darkness. Tia lifted her head from his shoulder, her long, silky hair brushing his face. The sexy Russian escort turned to look at him, the lines of her gorgeous face lit by the flickering light from the big screen. Brushing her lips against his, she slid her mouth along his cheek to his ear. 'I know what you're thinking,' she whispered, giving his earlobe a playful nibble, 'I know what you want me to do.' He let out a muffled groan. They were on the back row, in a double seat. There wasn't anybody close to them but the movie theatre was far from empty. Surely the Russian escort wouldn't attempt to give him what he wanted right here? 'You will have to be very quiet,' she whispered, 'Can you do that?' Oh, fuck. She was going to do it. The sexy Russian escort was going to give him OWO here, in the cinema. His cock stiffened until it ached. He was certain that he had never been so hard. 'Yes,' he murmured, 'I can be quiet.' The Russian escort turned her head and kissed his lips. She smiled, her eyes dancing with mischief in the flickering light. Her agile hands quietly undid his trousers and pulled his erection free. Ducking her head, Tia slid her sensual lips around the tip of his cock, massaging his glans with her tongue before taking his length into her hot, wet mouth. He grasped the edge of his seat and stared fixedly at the big screen, willing himself to stay silent. The Earls Court escort's inner cheeks squeezed around his tight erection, sucking with her mouth, caressing with her expert tongue. He closed his eyes, trying desperately to keep still whilst ecstasy swelled in his groin and flickered through his mind. Tia's head bobbed up and down in subtle movements, sucking and tantalising, pulling on the pleasure nerves that thrummed through his body. He felt spunk burst from his balls and rush up his shaft, his fingers dug into his seat, his feet wrapped around the chair legs in a desperate attempt not to kick out. Gritting his teeth, his eyes watering, his cum exploded into the Russian escort's wonderful mouth. Each rhythmic pump threatened to make him cry out, proclaiming it to be the best OWO in all of London. Euphoria flooded his mind and body, he struggled to hold onto consciousness. It took him a few moments to realise that the Russian escort had done his trousers up and was sitting up, casually sipping at her drink. 'You did very well,' she said, 'You were so quiet that I will have to reward you when the movie has finished.' He grinned and squeezed her hand. Tia was amazing. Angels of London - For the hottest escort companions to book in London


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