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Outcall Call Girl on Naughty Halloween Date

Felicity just loved Halloween. The outcall escort gladly accepted any excuse to dress up. Traditional Halloween costumes are scary but Felicity couldn’t help wearing something sexy. After all, she was booked for that very evening and the callgirl with blonde hair wanted her client to enjoy a naughty date. She’d been booked by an outcall client in Knightsbridge and was amazed at his beautiful Knightsbridge apartment. It was clear that this man had made a success of himself and that was a real turn on for Felicity. As the outcall escort enjoyed the view from the living room window, her outcall client – Jeremy – admired an entirely different view. The petite blonde callgirl was wearing a nurse’s uniform for their naughty date on Halloween. Needless to say, it was very short indeed. Felicity had deliberately bent over to look at the street several floors below. The curve of the bottom of the outcall escort’s ass cheeks peeked out from the very short skirt. She had carefully unbuttoned the top part of the nurse’s outfit too, revealing a glimpse of her perfectly pert breasts. This was certainly turning out to be a sexy rather than scary Halloween! Felicity turned to Jeremy with a concerned look on her face: “You’re in danger. That snake bite could kill you unless I suck the poison out right now. I’m afraid there’s no choice but for me to suck the poison out of your dick.” The Knightsbridge client’s jaw dropped and he did as he was told. Taking a seat on the sofa, he pulled his pants and boxers down, allowing his erection to spring to attention. Felicity took the dick of her Halloween date in her hands and assessed it with her medical expertise. It was big and she’d most likely gag trying to fit it into her mouth – but the outcall escort simply had to save him. The blonde callgirl pulled at her outfit to free her cleavage before hitching up her skirt up to her waist. Her tits and pussy were fully exposed. After all, she wanted Jeremy to at least have something nice to look at while she administered aid. The sexy outcall escort looked into his eyes as she bent over and gave the tip of his penis a gentle kiss. He groaned in response and reached out to fondle her breasts as she continued her kisses down his shaft. Without further delay, Felicity the petite hot London callgirl sank her mouth down on Jeremy’s hard cock. She began to suck furiously, eager to extract the poison that plagued her client’s manhood. It was clear to Jeremy that this was one dedicated naughty nurse. He’d definitely made the right choice for his Halloween date! The outcall escort’s breasts jiggled as she plunged her head up and down. Her tongue explored every inch of her outcall client’s penis, combining with her soft lips to caress it in the most sensual way. One of Felicity’s hands had wandered and was now between her legs, furiously fingering her own dripping wet pussy. Being a naughty nurse was such a turn on for the outcall escort. Felicity’s moaning as she finger fucked herself was only adding to the extreme sensations that Jeremy was experiencing as the blonde callgirl continued her incredible OWO service. Jeremy’s legs began to twitch as he tried to hold back, keen to enjoy more of the naughty nurse’s poison sucking skills. But the Knightsbridge client could hold back no longer and he came hard, shooting his load into the outcall escort’s willing mouth. It had been a success. Felicity’s patient was no longer in any danger thanks to her life-saving OWO. The Halloween date had only just begun and the petite blonde callgirl had a lot more in store for Jeremy!


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