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Our Duo Escort Girls have Fun

Kelly and Heidi had been friends for some time, ever since they started at the same escort agency on the same day. Kelly was a dark-haired and pert-breasted escort and Heidi was a escort with blonde hair with DD tits. If their clients wanted duo services then they worked together. The first time they worked as duo girls together neither of them had had lesbian sex before - they loved it. The fact that they both enjoyed sex with women had come as a shock to them as they'd never really had thoughts of other women before. When the duo girls sat and talked about it they worked out that aside from escorting they could simply have more fun in their free time too. So whenever they didn't have clients booked they would meet up and indulge their desires, keen to research about lesbian love. One thing that Kelly and Heidi particularly enjoyed doing together was showering. In fact, it became rare that they showered alone. The sexy duo girls loved lathering up the soap and rubbing every inch of each other's bodies. Sometimes they just washed each other's bodies but sometimes they would get carried away with the excitement and end up eating each other out. When they kissed under the shower the running water over their lips excited them and often it turned into a frenzy of sexual desire and wanton lust. They honed their skills on each other day after day and enjoyed every minute of their education getting more and more skilled in the art of female seduction and eroticism. As their skills improved they began to develop a reputation throughout London as the best duo girls around. Kelly and Heidi were suddenly in high demand. Some clients just wanted to observe and would come along and watch them shower together, watch them play with each other in the bath or on the bed. Voyeur clients loved it when they used sex toys on each other. Other clients would join in. The two sexy London escort girls were careful not too indulge in their desire for each other too much. After all, they were professionals and wanted their clients to feel fully involved. And it wasn't just men who started to clamour for these duo girls. Women also booked them regularly. In fact, Kelly and Heidi soon found themselves booked by women as often as men. Sometimes female clients would come in pairs and there would be four women all pleasuring each other for hours on end. Finally London had a pair of bisexual escorts who were skilled in pleasing both men and women alike.


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