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Training a Young London Call Girl

Andrew was pretty pleased with himself. He was on his way for an incall appointment at the luxury Bayswater flat of Celia - his favourite escort. What had made him particularly excited was that the escort agency had a new young London escort called Jane, and Celia had been put in charge of training her. Andrew the incall client had been asked if Jane could join in the session for some experience. Naturally, Andrew had answered in the affirmative. He certainly wasn't going to be turning down a chance of a threesome! He loved incalls with Celia - a more mature escort, she was slim, busty and blonde. The incall escort knew all the tricks of the trade. Andrew reached the incall flat to be greeted by Celia. She was wearing a black bustier and hold-up stockings. Needless to say, she looked great. Sometimes Celia dressed casually and gave a great GFE and sometimes she decided to be just a little bit kinky. Today it was the latter. Andrew was led through to the bedroom. There he found Jane in a chair. The young London escort girl looked about nineteen, and was dressed in creamy white underwear. She smiled nervously as Andrew and Celia entered the room. 'Now, sweetheart - it's obviously your first time as an escort. It's time for the full GFE. What do you think you should do first?' Jane stood, and walked over to Andrew. She kissed him once on the lips before placing her hand on his crotch. She blushed and smiled nervously at him as her long, delicate fingers traced the line his stiff cock made in his jeans. He sat down in the chair. Jane knelt in front of him and unbuttoned his jeans. She took out his cock and, without so much as pausing, went straight down for deep OWO. Andrew gasped as he felt her warm, soft mouth envelop his hardness. 'Carefully,' said Celia. 'We don't want him to come too soon. You keep doing that and I'll give him something to watch.' Celia eased her beautiful boobs out of the bustier, taking it off entirely. She knew what she was doing - she'd been doing incalls and outcalls for years. Andrew continued to enjoy Jane's fantastic OWO as Celia lay on the bed and spread her legs so that her pussy was facing him. She reached down between her legs and slowly began to rub her clitoris. On each downstroke she pushed her finger a little deeper into her pussy. Down below, the OWO from theyoung London escort was getting more intense. It looked like Jane was going to take CIM, just as Celia would have taught her to. Andrew's cock was pushed right back against the novice escort's throat, and her lips were pumping hard up and down his shaft. He felt the intensity building and he couldn't hold back. He came violently, shooting cum into Jane's mouth. The young escort obediently took it all back in one gulp. Jane looked up expectantly, as if she didn't know what to do. Celia had stopped masturbating and got up from the bed. She came around behind Jane and, like the true bisexual escort she was, took the incall appointment in a totally new direction. She kneeled behind theyoung London escort and reached round with her hands to cup Jane's breasts. She began to kiss Jane's neck. After a short while her hand moved downwards, out of Andrew's line of vision. But from Jane's moans it was clear that the teenager was having her pussy fingered by the more mature escort. It wasn't long before Andrew's cock was hardening again. Celia motioned Jane to stand up. As she did so, Celia fully pulled off Jane's panties. She gently pushed Jane forward until she was standing over Andrew's chair - her dripping pussy inches from the tip of his cock. Celia reached between Jane's legs and grabbed Andrew's shaft. Holding it upright, she put her other hand on Jane's hip and guided her pelvis downwards. At the point of penetration, Celia rubbed the head of Andrew's cock against the young escort's swollen clitoris. After a moment, she pushed Jane sharply downwards. The young London escort gasped as Andrew's thick cock penetrated her tight young pussy all the way. She spontaneously began to flex and grind her pelvis, pumping his shaft and taking him in deeper. Celia, still behind Jane, resumed work on Jane's pert breasts, gently fingering and squeezing the nipples and kissing the back of her neck. Both escorts were clearly very aroused, and it wasn't long before Jane began to come. As she did, her vaginal muscles twitched and clenched, drawing another orgasm and another stream of cum out of Andrew. They all collapsed in a heap on the floor. Jane's first incall had been a success - she was clearly heading for a great career as a bisexual escort. However Celia clearly wasn't sexually satisfied. She was the only one not to have come. She picked the other two up and led them over to the bed - now it was her turn.


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