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Office Sex With a Hot Redhead Escort

Paul was a hard worker. He arrived at work at 8am and rarely left before 9pm. In fact, he barely took a break during the day. Every single day he'd run around doing not only his job, but anything else that needed doing. Even his boss told him he needed to relax and had a sneaky plan involving a callgirl with a redhead and some office sex! "But I can't relax", replied Paul, "I'm a workaholic!" "Look," said his boss, exasperated, "I'm going to make you have fun, okay?" And with that, he strode off to his office, leaving Paul somewhat confused. Later that night, as usual, there was only Paul left in the big open plan office. Hunched over his desk, Paul tensed as he felt hands on his shoulders. They were female hands, and they began to massage him, working out the knots caused by the stresses and strains of his job. Paul looked around to discover that the hands belonged to a beautiful redhead. She looked to be in her early 20's. Paul was confused - she certainly didn't work in his office. "Who are you?" he asked. The young redhead smiled. "I'm Amy. I'm a present from your boss. We're going to have some office sex. By the way, do you enjoy oral sex?" Paul didn't even have a chance to utter his stunned response. The call girl spun him round in his chair and got down on her knees. Her long coat fell open to reveal - to Paul's alarm - that she was completely naked underneath. He didn't get much chance to look at her busty escort body however, as she was immediately bent over his crotch, fumbling with his belt. An instant later his cock was in the escort's mouth and receiving some top-quality OWO. It all happened so fast that he was still only semi-erect as she took her first suck. By the second stroke however, he was as rock hard. The sexy London escort took him deep into her mouth a few times, stroking his balls as she did so. After a few minutes of glorious OWO, Amy stood up. In an instant her coat was on the floor, and her immaculate body was just a few inches from Paul's face. He noticed that the call girl was rather busty - a 34DD. Her pussy hair was trimmed very close so that Paul could see her pussy lips, slightly parted, glistening with her juices. It seemed that the call girl wanted to do more than give OWO on this particular office sex outcall! She was a strong and dominant escort too. The submissive Paul felt her hands grab the lapels of his jacket and heave him backwards, forcing him to lie back on his desk, staring at the ceiling. Without bothering to undress him, Amy straddled him on the desk, and guided his cock deep inside her. She rode him cowgirl style, lifting herself off then pushing back down again which caused her heavy breasts to bounce up and down. Paul felt his cock squeezed by the muscles of her pussy. He reached up and caressed Amy's prominent nipples which sprang even further to attention under his touch. Pausing, the busty escort reached betwen her legs, lifted her pelvis and withdrew Paul's cock. She repositioned it between her tight arse cheeks and sank down once again. Judging by the ease with which he penetrated her anus she had come pre-lubricated, expecting some anal during the office sex! If her pussy had been tight, her arsehole was the tightest of tight squeezes. Paul thrust in deep, making the escort gasp and her busty frame go tense with sheer pleasure. Amy bent over and kissed him as he thrust into her arse. He felt the escort's hardened nipples brush against his chest. Wanting her to also come, he reached between her thighs for her clit, and began to work it round and round. She gasped. Before he had a chance to orgasm inside the sexy London call girl's arse, she jumped off him. His cock came out of her anus with a pop. Taking a firm grip on his shaft, the sexy outcall girl began to pump it as hard as she could, squeezing his balls at the same time. Lifting his head a little, Paul noticed her lining up her beautiful big tits to take the main load of his cum. It wasn't long coming. Experiencing an orgasm so intense that he nearly passed out, Paul came, shooting out an incredible amount of cum. The first load shot straight over the escort's shoulder, and landed ten feet away on a colleague's empty desk. The second load spattered all over her chest and nipples. Putting a hand under one breast, she reached down and pressed the tip of her tongue against her nipple, tasting his cum. Paul lay back on his desk, exhausted, as Amy the escort continued to play idly with his still-stiff cock. He was certainly feeling a lot more relaxed after the magnificent office sex!


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