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Office Antics with a Sexy Brunette Escort Girl

Emma the escort with brunette hair loved working for the top escort agency in London. This thought ran through her mind as she was fucked from behind over a very large desk. Her evening had begun in a much more demure fashion. The curvaceous young escort had been immaculately dressed in a tight-fitting dress that showed off her stunning figure to perfection. Stockings and suspenders, high heels and a smart tailored jacket had finished off the ensemble. It was secretary roleplay day and the brunette escort knew how good she was at play. Her long, lustrous hair had been piled up leaving her graceful neck exposed while her shapely legs had crossed and uncrossed in sultry provocation revealing her lack of panties. The beautiful brunette escort had sucked on her pen in between taking dictation from her lover, teasing him as it slid in and out of her sensual lips. It was so lovely to have lovers who enjoyed the game as much as she did. All the teasing and provocation had paid off. Her hair was a tousled mess, falling around her shoulders to the rhythm of his thrusts. Her clothes were scattered around the office. Her bare breasts, nipples hard and erect, rubbed against the cold of the desk. The taste of his cock was still strong in her mouth. The sexy brunette escort had already trembled her way through one orgasm as he had eaten out her wet pussy. Now her hips banged against the edge of the desk as he fucked her harder, faster. His strong hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, his mouth dropping to her neck and kissing it fiercely. Emma moaned and her legs began to shake - she was close to another climax! As he clasped her to him, his body tensing with each wave of spunk that pumped inside her pussy, the beautiful London escort cried out with pleasure. Who said that secretarial work wasn't rewarding?


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