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Not what Phil was expecting whilst waiting for an Escort

Phil booked incall escorts when he finished work. He didn’t do it all the time, simply because he couldn’t afford it, but you could bet your life that whenever he had raised £200, he’d be calling his favourite agency. He only had a couple of favourite agencies really. There were loads of them that offered the type of girls he liked, but he’d gotten used to these two places and they never let him down with recommendations etc. Phil liked to get recommendations more than anything. Ever since the first agency he used put him onto a really hot Polish girl in Kensington Olympia called Pam, about ten years ago, he’s always taken the agency’s advice. The way he saw it was, he pretty much loved all types of girls: tall, petite, slim, curvy, busty, blonde, brunette, etc. so it didn’t matter that much to him because he knew he’d get a good one! And his only real preference was that he liked Eastern European and Russian escorts. This is why he chose these two agencies. Both the agencies had pretty much the same girls, but they occasionally surprised him a new face. It depended entirely on how quick the agency snapped up the new girls that came to London. He liked the new girls too, but his agencies rarely recommended them until they’d had some feedback. Today he was waiting in a café in Earls Court, drinking a cup of pretty good coffee, waiting for his booking time. He was about half an hour early. He never minded being early when he’d booked in Earls Court. He’d been to this café a few times before, and when he occasionally arrived early for work he liked to have breakfast in this place too. Today something different happened. And it wasn’t at all what Phil was expecting. He’d gotten himself all geared up for his visit, and there wasn’t much else on his mind. But then suddenly from out of nowhere, a girl appeared on the table next to him. She was stunning to look at. Indeed, she could have been as escort too! Phil suddenly found himself strangely drawn to this girl, and he wasn’t really paying attention to the time on his phone anymore. He was waiting for an escort booking for goodness sake, he couldn’t get side-tracked. He wasn’t the type of guy who could usually chat women up in a bar, or anything like that, much less a coffee shop. Yet he found himself strangely attracted to this girl and wanting to do just that. She was around 30 years old he guessed. Blonde hair, tied up and warm glowing skin, like she’d just been away on holiday. She was either British or European, but not Eastern European; she didn’t have that look. She was slim, but not super-slim like some of the girls he’d seen. She looked as though she had a nice pair of boobs too. He began to curse himself a little because he was viewing this woman in much the same way as he viewed the girls on the agency website. As though he was going to book her! It was in the middle of this eyeing her up and down that she met his eye: “Can I help you with something?” she asked in an easily discernible English accent. So she was English. It was unusual he thought, to find himself this attracted to an English woman. “It’s just that you’re looking at me a little oddly,” she continued. “erm…” stammered Phil, looking back at his coffee cup for a moment, “I’m sorry, it’s just that you’re so very pretty.” He immediately regretted saying what he’d just said. This woman wasn’t a London escort, he didn’t have to tell her how beautiful she was. Well… “pretty,” why the hell did he say “pretty!” She blushed slightly and gave him a flash of her eye. “That’s very kind of you, thanks! It’s not often that you get compliments from strangers in cafes!” “You’re welcome,” replied Phil “Now… bars, clubs, and believe it or not, the supermarket! That’s where I get hit on mostly.” “I wasn’t hitting on you,” Phil said quickly, slightly embarrassed. “I mean, it’s not that I don’t think you’re attractive, it’s…” “Charming, you don’t fancy me then?” she asked, rather nonchalantly. “Well, of course,” said Phil, beginning to feel a little roller-coasted, but at the same time turned on. “I’m Marla, you?” She held out a delicate hand, with red nail polish and a number of pewter rings. “Phil,” he said, taking her hand, “lovely to meet you!” “So, are we going to just talk here, or would you like to come back to my flat across the road?” Marla asked this as though it was the most natural thing in the world. Phil had no idea how to respond to her. She was starring him straight in the eye. This woman was deadly serious, there was no mistaking it. “What for,” he said, reaching for the most obvious answer. “Well, you clearly fancy me. You’re nice looking and it looks as though you could well be quite horny, so what are we waiting for? What better way to get to know someone?” There was no arguing with that logic, as far as Phil could see. It was at this point that he remembered that in about 15 minutes he was due to go around the corner and visit the escort he’d booked. Was this girl for real? Did she really mean what she said? If this was the case, he could spend time with a woman for free, and save the £200 he had in his pocket! Was it his lucky day? Turns out that it was!

Just goes to show gentlemen, you never know what can happen. So you might as well live your life to the fullest, never miss an opportunity and have fun. But if you do get a better offer (which is unlikely at best!) do be sure to call the agency and cancel. Incidentally, Phil did sent a message!


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