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Nipple Clamps For a London Escort Girl

Like many sexy London escorts, Nicola and Helen bisexual. They shared a West End apartment where they offered incall appointments. Unsurprisingly, they were two very popular girls Helen was slim and petite blonde while Nicola was a tall brunette with huge 34F boobs. As an incall and outcall bisexual escort duo they were a great combination and loved to play with BDSM accessories such as nipple clamps. Most of the bookings from their London escort agency took place in the evening. This was normal since most of their clients were men who worked the regular 9 to 5 and were thus tied up during the day. As a result, the two sexy escorts were left to their own devices during the day and had to entertain themselves. One of the things that really enlivened their lesbian sex sessions was the fact that both Nicola and Helen had really kinky imaginations. The girls loved nothing better than to browse online sex stores looking for kinky bondage gear that they could try out on one another such as nipple clamps. One day, a parcel arrived for Nicola. As soon as she saw the large, brown box Helen felt damp between the legs - she knew that the taller (and more dominant) escort girl had bought some naughty sex toys to try out on her. The cute and sexy blonde escort could hardly contain herself when, later that afternoon, Nicola began to kiss and touch her before leading her through to their bedroom. It didn't take too long for the two sexy young London escorts to get naked. Helen was very aware of the new box of tricks sitting on the dresser in the corner of the room. Yet for the moment she concentrated on her sexy bisexual lover, rolling around on the king size bed and kissing deeply. The petite blonde always enjoyed the moment when she popped Nicola's large, full breasts out of the brunette's bra. It was then that begant to kiss and lick the nipples greedily. Little did she know that her own small pink nipples were about to receive very special treatment with some nipple clamps. Once the two horny London escorts were both completely naked, Nicola pushed Helen back on the bed, spreading the cute young blonde's arms and legs, leaving her in a vulnerable position. From under the bed, Nicola pulled out some of their favourite bondage gear. This included a steel leg spreader and a neck and wrist restraint Attaching the cuffs of the leg spreader to Helen's ankles, she forced the cute young blonde's legs open. The neck and wrist restraint consisted of three lockable steel loops along a bar - a big one in the middle for the sexy escort's head, and a smaller one at either end to secure her wrists level with her head. Helen was locked into and completely immobile on the bed - at the mercy of the sexy busty escort. Nicola walked over to her box of tricks and delved inside. She retrieved a pair of formidable-looking steel nipple clamps. She sprung them open experimentally, and, seeming satisfied with their strength, rejoined her shackled escort girlfriend on the bed. Helen gasped - it was even harder than she had expected. Nicola place the first one over the blonde escort's left nipple and slowly released the jaws. As Helen felt the cold steel of their jaws bite into her nipple she gasped. There was a sharp and intense pain but the pleasaure was incredible, not least because both her nipples were hard and swollen with sexual excitement. The young blonde escort squeaked with pain as the other nipple clamp was attached. Once the nipple clamps were firmly in place, Nicola went back to the box and pulled out the biggest rabbit vibrator Helen had ever seen. Wet though Helen was, Nicola had to push hard to drive the huge beast into the young blonde escort's pussy. She gasped and groaned as the shaft finally went all the way in, and the rabbit ears made contact with her clit. Once the long shaft was deep in Helen's pussy, Nicola turned it on, sending crashing waves of intense pleasure to the bondage escort's clit and tightly stretched pussy. For several minutes Nicola teased and fucked her sexy girlfriend with the oversized rabbit vibrator, driving it deep into her pussy. Before long, Helen was on the verge of coming. Nicola knew she had to get the timing just right. As the blonde London escort began to whimper and moan, Nicola reached over and squeezed the left nipple clamp even tighter on to Helen's left nipple, driving her into a hard orgasm. As she came, Nicola pulled off the nipple clamps, each in turn, letting the blood flow back into the cute incall and outcall escort's nipples, heightening her orgasm. Helen lay back, completely exhausted. The adventure and the pleasure involved had definitely been worth it!


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