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Night Out or Night In with my Call Girl

I sat in my living room waiting for my escort, Alicia, to arrive. I was nervous as hell as I'd never been with an escort before. The pictures that I'd seen of her were simply amazing but as her time of arrival drew closer, I only got more nervous. What if she looked nothing like her photos? What if we didn't get on? I had done nothing more than speak to the escort agency on the phone so my mind was racing and imagining all kinds of negative scenarios. The doorbell rang and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I took a quick look in the mirror to make sure that I looked presentable and then went to the door. The woman standing outside could have been an angel sent from heaven. I blinked a couple of times, unable to speak. "Eric?" she asked in the sweetest and most sensual voice that I'd ever heard, "I believe that we have an appointment. May I come in?" "Ah yes, of course you can!" I said, finding my voice again. My escort wore a knee-high shiny dress and I wondered if she was wearing any panties underneath it. Her long brown hair cascaded down almost to her ass -  I wanted to touch it! Suddenly she turned and gently brushed her lips against mine. Her nipples were hard and pushing through that sexy dress. "I am your girlfriend for the night" she whispered in my ear, "I know we have somewhere to be, but I'm horny! Do we have time for a quick fuck? You can come in my mouth." I had specifically asked for my escort to be someone pretty, charming and witty that could attend a function with me before coming home for a girlfriend experience (also known as a GFE). While I'd expected a girl who liked sex, I hadn't anticipated my escort to be this naughty! She ran her hand across my crotch and smiled. Then she stepped backward and pulled her dress up just enough to reveal the lacy tops of her stockings. "I suppose we have time" I replied with a smile. Truth be told, I didn't care if we were late! Alicia seemed pleased with my answer and bent over and hiked up her dress. "Good, fuck me doggy style then please?" The way she said this made my cock rock hard! As I'd suspected, no panties were in the way of my escort's perfectly smooth pussy. She undid my pants and released my swollen cock. Her hand reached back and guided me inside her. With every stroke I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock. My balls slapped against her clit. "Oh yeah baby, fuck me hard" my escort cried out, "and when you are ready to cum, do it in my mouth." It didn't take me long! Alicia kept encouraging me, asking for my cum. When I told her that I was about to blow my load, she spun around and got on her knees taking my cock in both hands. My escort pushed it deep in her mouth just as streams of semen shot out. Afterwards she thanked me for the cum before cleaning up. We then took a taxi to the event. We didn't stay there long though - we were keen to get home again for more fun! Angels of London - For the hottest escort companions to book in London


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