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Horny Nurse Gives Incredible OWO

Sandra had told him to stand still while she examined him. She was at her client’s outcall hotel room in Mayfair. He was a businessman in need of some serious assistance. He had chosen this London escort because he had seen that she enjoyed dressing up in sexy outfits and performing roleplay. He wasn’t disappointed. Upon hearing a knock on his hotel room door, he had opened it to see the busty brunette escort in a naughty nurse uniform. Needless to say, it was a little more revealing than regulation allowed! Here the naughty nurse was, standing before him. “May I ask you to remove your clothing for a full examination?” said Sandra. It seemed like a question but the London escort's tone suggested she fully expected her outcall client to comply. Comply he did, and his naughty nurse kindly helped him remove his white shirt and black trousers. He had been smartly dressed but was now down to only his boxers. “You don’t look to be in bad shape”, commented the busty brunette as she eyed him up and down while running her fingernails over his chest. “What exactly seems to be the problem?” Her outcall client coughed nervously. “It’s my penis, Nurse Sandra. I can’t seem to get rid of my erection.” He gestured down to the bulge in his boxers which were struggling to contain it. The naughty nurse smiled slightly, happy at where the conversation was going. She regained her composure and furrowed her brow, which only made her look sexier. “That’s quite serious. I’m going to have to run a few tests right now, I’m afraid”, the London escort said with a slight sigh. “Do what you have to do, Nurse Sandra”, replied the incall client, shuffling his feet nervously as he waited for further instruction. The naughty nurse’s pristine white uniform was short and tight. Her curvy body and full 36DD breasts were certainly emphasized and this wasn’t helping her patient’s problem. “Let’s take a look then”, said Sandra with a friendly smile. The London escort gestured to the bed and said “hop on up and lie back.” Her incall client did so, without question. The busty brunette appreciated his submissive nature. After all, she loved being in charge. The naughty nurse walked over to the bed and leaned over her client, her breasts almost spilling out of her uniform. “I’m going to remove your boxers and take a closer look. Is that okay?” The Mayfair outcall client nodded silently. Sandra slowly pulled down his boxers and his penis stood to attention, saluting her. “Hmm interesting” murmured the busty brunette as she examined the hard cock in front of her. “The problem is that you have too much cum built up in your balls”, the London escort commented. I’m going to put my hands around your penis so I can give a thorough diagnosis”. And with this, the naughty nurse wrapped one hand around the outcall client’s hard cock while the other cupped his balls. “Are you sure this is all legit, Nurse Sandra?” asked the client who was lying flat on his back on the hotel room’s double bed. The busty brunette smiled reassuringly. “I know this is unconventional but I’ve found it to be very effective in cases such as this”, she said. “I notice you’re a little nervous. Perhaps I can distract you in some small way.” The Mayfair outcall client perked up and this and lifted his head, to see Sandra tug down her uniform top, her two huge 36DD breasts spilling out. The London escort then rolled up her skirt so that it reached halfway up her big ass, which also revealed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. The naughty nurse’s outcall client watched in fascination as his London escort’s hands returned to his dick which had seemingly grown in size following the busty brunette’s semi-naked transformation. Sandra’s hand had begun to jerk his erect cock, all the while massaging his balls. “This is a technique that I’ve found to be very effective”, said the outcall escort, her big breasts bouncing with the movement. “I’m not sure, Nurse Sandra” panted the outcall client, “my penis only seems to be getting bigger”. The naughty nurse smiled as she continued to rhythmically jerk her outcall client’s dick, rotating her hand in expert fashion. “There’s no need to worry, dear”, Sandra said soothingly. Without warning, the busty brunette escort leaned forwards and shoved the entire cock into her mouth. Her Mayfair outcall client gasped, his eyes wide in wonder. The London escort’s breasts bounced together as she began to suck on the man’s dick with a dedication and skill that only the best naughty nurse could possess. She massaged the Mayfair outcall client’s huge balls as she bobbed her head up and down, saliva making the veiny cock slippery. Every so often, the busty brunette escort would stop sucking and simply lick the shaft and the tip. Unsurprisingly this OWO master class was very pleasing indeed for the outcall client. He had tipped his head back and started to pant which was a sure sign that he wasn’t too far from cumming. “I want you to cum hard”, instructed the London escort. “I need you to release all that you have in order for you to get better”. The Mayfair outcall client didn’t need telling twice and as the escort began to deep throat the throbbing cock, she felt a jolt as his balls exploded and sent huge wads of cum into the naughty nurse’s mouth. The sight of the busty brunette escort bending over, her bare ass sticking out and her boobs shaking uncontrollably as she received his cum only made the outcall client cum harder. His legs shook with ecstasy as he welcome the release. All the while, the London escort had performed a tight seal around his penis, trying not to spill a single drop. Sandra swallowed it all and looked up at her Mayfair client who was smiling for the first time during their date. It was clear that the London escort's work was done. He was one very satisfied client.


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