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My Call Girl Sister's Boyfriend

Bella has an identical twin who works as a London call girl. One day her escort sister gave her a call in need of a big favour. She had got her calendar mixed up and had ended up with two dates that night with two different guys. She pleaded with Bella to help her out and go on a date with Sam, assuring her that it was just to go to a football match. After some persuasion and plenty of financial incentive, Bella agreed. Bella turned up at the client's house at exactly 6pm. She was all dressed up for a date outdoors at the football match. Her escort sister's client's name was Sam and he answered the door in a robe. He was incredibly relieved to see her, claiming he had been horny all day. With this, he kissed her full on the lips passionately. This was all very sudden for Bella but she thought of the money and kissed him back. As it happened, Sam was a very good looking client. He had a great body and he was a great kisser too - not bad for a date that Bella had been reluctant to go on for her escort sister! He led her by the hand into the kitchen where there was a rather unusual feature - a massage table. Perhaps Bella was being naive but she thought that he perhaps wanted a quick massage before they left. However Sam then turned around and started to undo her top and unhook her bra - perhaps the massage was for her? It didn't seem fair that she should be naked and her client fully clothed. So as Sam was unzipping her skirt she pulled at the robe, opening it up, On doing so, she encountered a huge dick and it was very much erect. Sam had now removed Bella's knickers and was leading her to the table. Sam lay down on the massage table, face up. His hard cock was sticking straight up, begging for attention. It was then that the outcall client beckoned for Bella to also climb onto the massage table. She was no escort, but she knew what he wanted. Ever so slowly, Bella positioned herself on top of Sam. She lowered her pussy onto his face and he immediately began to eat her out. Her escort sister had a hell of a job. Bella was now really enjoying herself. Who knew escorting could be such fun?! Her twin escort sister was living the dream. Leaning forward, she took Sam's huge dick in her hand and teased it into her mouth, licking the tip slowly and sensually. She felt him insert something into her and only when she felt the buzzing and the g spot extension did she know it was a rabbit vibrator. She was now very excited and sucked her outcall client's huge member as hard as she could whilst she was fucked with the rabbit vibrator. It wasn't long before she felt herself cumming and her body contorted and stiffened as she experienced a major orgasm. At the same time, Sam came in her mouth, filling it to the brim with hot sticky cum that she devoured and let slip down her throat. Sam sat up and laid Bella on the massage table. She could see his dick was already hard again. "Fuck me" she begged, and he duly obliged by sliding his huge member deep inside her. She was in heaven and rhythmically moved her hips against his thrusts, pushing down hard onto his shaft. After a few minutes of furious fucking, they both began to breathe hard before cumming again. When Bella returned home from her escort sister's outcall appointment, she received a message asking how the football match had been. Bella just giggled and smiled a cheeky smile.


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