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My first lesbian encounter with a bisexual escort

I had always been curious about having sex with another female, but I’d been too afraid to test out the theory. I was about to turn 21 in a few weeks, and I thought that I needed to be brave, but I was too shy to approach girls on nights out. I found myself looking at escort agencies and I was amazed to find that so many beautiful ladies were genuinely bisexual escorts. I made my booking and now a week later, I was waiting in my apartment for a knock on the door. I was nervous and scared, I didn’t know what to expect from my encounter, but I was excited to try something new. I heard a knock at my door, and I opened it to find a stunning brunette lady standing there. I let her into my apartment, I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in her presence. She was kind and sweet and we chatted and got to know each other a little over some red wine. I couldn’t believe how sensational she looked. She was wearing a nearly sheer black lace dress, I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra because her hard nipples were poking through the fabric. I couldn’t help but stare at her, she had long brunette hair, big blue eyes, beautiful creamy skin and her body was fantastic, I could tell she took care of herself. I was day dreaming about how her nipples would feel in my mouth when she suddenly took my hand and started to suck on my fingers gently. I looked up at her through my lashes and she gently took my face in her hands and closed her lips around mine. She was delicate with me, slowly and sensually dipping her tongue into my mouth. I felt her hands move to my body and she slowly started to undo the buttons on my silky blouse. I could feel my knickers getting wet from her touch. I really wanted her. She continued her slow sensual exploration of my body, trailing kisses down my neck until she reached my cleavage. She reached her hand behind my back and undid the fastening on my bra to free my breasts, gently she took my nipples one by one into her mouth, sucking and teasing them between her juicy lips. Slowly taring herself away from my hard nipples, she stood and started to undress herself. She undid a little button on the back of her lacy outfit, and it fell to the floor, leaving her stood there completely naked. Her body was a dream. I had never seen such beautiful, perky breasts before. They were small and delicate, and her nipples were a dark shade of pink. My eyes scanned her body, down over her beautiful slender waist to her lusciously long golden legs. Every inch of her was perfection. She moved closer to me and pulled on my hand to stand me up. She looked deep into my eyes as her fingers slid down the sides of my skirt, and she pushed it to the floor. We were both stood there completely naked. I had always taken good care of myself and I could tell that she liked the way I looked. I had big beautiful breasts, and a delicate hour glass figure with a tight curvy arse. She dropped to the floor before me and started to softly blow on the insides of my thighs, sexily gliding her tongue over my skin as she went. I felt her find my pussy and she started to kiss there too, opening my legs wide and grabbing on to my butt so that she could get as close to me as possible. When her tongue licked over my clit, I thought I was going to orgasm right there and then. She teased and sucked on my pink slit and poked her fingers inside my tight little hole. I was in heaven. “Let’s move this to the bedroom”, she said seductively as she stood up. I was happy to oblige and soon found myself lay naked on my bed next to her. Our bodies were colliding, our breasts touching as we both placed our fingers inside each other’s bodies. Her tongue was firmly down my throat when I felt her move on top of me. She opened my legs wide and positioned herself so that her beautiful clit was adjacent to mine. She lowered herself and started to rub her clit against mine. Pushing down on me harder and harder, over and over she rubbed her pussy over mine. I could feel how wet she was, and how wet I was. Our pussies were sliding together, I grabbed her hips and fucked her harder from below, forcing my clit into hers. I felt myself building to climax and I suddenly couldn’t control it any longer. I came, loud and hard as she rode my clit with her own. She moved from me and lowered her head to my pussy to catch the cum that was squirting from my vagina. She licked it up and stuck her tongue inside me, twirling around inside my sweet hole, hard and relentlessly. She knew what she was doing, she grabbed my nipple with her hand and tugged on it hard and I orgasmed again, squirting my juices straight into her beautiful mouth. I was panting and breathless, she had completely taken over my body. I wanted to return the favor, I propped myself up by my elbows and looked at her with horny eyes, her mouth was covered in my juices and I was still horny as fuck. It was my turn to make her cum, and she knew it!


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