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My Encounter with an Anal Call Girl

The door swung open and there the anal escort was, even more dazzling than her description and pictures. "Hi, I'm Tiffany" she said. "You must be Barry?" She smiled a wicked grin and a glint in her eye suggested that things were about to get very interesting. Her lips were crimson; two blood red lips that you would die to kiss. Her tits were ripe round fruits you could feast on forever. The sexy anal escort was wearing nothing but a pale blue bra and panties. Her skin was lightly tanned, a soft gold colour that reminded Barry of sunset on a far away beach. She pressed up against him. She was nearly naked but he was still fully clothed. Despite this, he could feel her heat and warmth - it was intoxicating. It felt like he had walked out of the shadows and into the sunshine; in the darkness of his trousers something solid began to stir. "Let's get you out of those clothes Barry. Don't you want to get naked with me?" asked Tiffany. Barry started to unbutton his shirt but the London escort girl stopped him - she wanted to do this herself. Standing in front of him, she began to pop his buttons off one by one until his shirt was undone. The two sides opened up like a curtain revealing his firm chest and flat stomach. Tiffany nodded appreciatively and ran her hands over his chest and across his nipples. Her hands were small and soft and they stroked arcane patterns of pleasure into him. Barry shrugged the shirt off his shoulders so he was naked from the top up and pulled Tiffany up against him, unhooking her bra. He ran his hands over the anal escort's legs and tits, squeezing and groping her, taking her flesh in his hands, getting his money's worth. Without warning, she fell to her knees and with a few deft moves unbuckled his belt. One sharp tug and she pulled down his trousers and boxers, exposing bare legs and a swelling cock and heavy balls. It was level with her face and she pressed her face against it. "Mmmm Barry, you're a big boy. What a nice meaty cock for me to gobble." The sexy anal escort lifted his cock up with one hand, elevating it up in the air so she could have easy access to his balls. She went in and began to lick and and nibble those precious globes, spinning them in her mouth. Her small wet tongue lapped around the balls, cupping them in her mouth and sucking them. With her hand she slowly wanked the cock, feeling it harden like concrete, setting into solid stone that was ready to carve her holes. Barry felt the veins pump and thicken, excitement building, pressure mounting. Tiffany opened her mouth wide and swallowed Barry's big dick, pushing it to the back of her throat and vigorously slurping up and down. The wet sloppy sound of deepthroat filled Barry's ears like the surf crashing on the shore. He pushed her onto the bed roughly, greedily, so that she was on her knees with her ass in the air exposed. Her pussy was shaved and smooth. Barry thrust his cock in her warm wet snatch. It felt like heaven, a wet willing hole to pound and penetrate. He fucked her hard, grabbing her hips and thrusting in and out. Tiffany moaned, with pleasure. Barry pushed and pulled and slapped her bottom, riding her harder with each second. He felt his balls ready to explode but wasn't done yet. "Time for something even better!" gasped Barry. Tiffany reached over and handed him some lube. "Oil me up baby. Oil me up and fuck my arse." He squirted the liquid on the end of his cock and ran a finger over the anal escort's tight hole before pushing the head of his dick against it. With one almighty thrust he forced himself in. The head of his dick popped through her tight ring and she gasped as she was gaped. Her ass clamped on his dick, an incredible squeeze. This was what he had been waiting for, the ultimate pleasure of devastating this beautiful woman's rear. Barry loaded his gun and aimed it deeper inside her, ready to fire as his thick dick vanished in and out of Tiffany's tight asshole. She yelped and moaned and Barry joined in, an animal chorus of competing pleasure. He knew he couldn't take much more, and soon his muzzle tensed and he was ready to shoot. Suddenly thick jets of orgasmic ecstasy exploded from his balls. He gripped the anal escort tightly, holding his cock inside her until it began to go limp. Barry was exhausted, satisfied, thrilled - and already thinking about his next experience with the beautiful Tiffany. Barry always wanted more.


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