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The Buxom Call Girl Becomes a Fair Lady

Gina was on her knees giving OWO in a private box at the theatre - she had never been happier that she worked with the best London escort agency. The buxom escort had been the perfect lady all evening, the very picture of sophistication in her elegant evening dress. Her lover had known exactly what would show off her talents best when he had picked it out for her. She had charmed everybody with her wit and personality and now she knelt on the very same plush red carpet that she had walked up earlier. They had the privacy of their own box which meant that she could have a cock in her mouth while all around them were oblivious to the oral delights that she was administering. The hot buxom escort had slid her dress down so that her large breasts were on display. She knew how he loved to gaze at and fondle them while she sucked on his dick. Her pussy gave a little flutter at the sound of his soft appreciative groan. She swallowed more of him, gagging slightly but continuing to provide the pleasure that turned both of them on so much. The flesh of his dick slid in and out of her wet mouth. The buxom escort's expert tongue provided slippery traction and pressed his cock tight against her inner cheeks in an attempt to milk him. His waist moved in controlled thrusts as he watched swallow it time and again. She felt his hands press on the back of her head, forcing her to hold his dick deep in her throat for a few seconds. Her beautiful body strained against the choking sensation. Knowing him well, the sexy buxom escort could sense that his climax was close. Her pussy tightened in anticipation. He grabbed her long, silky hair and pulled her head off his cock with a wet pop. White spunk splashed across her face and breasts and all over her soft skin. His eyes devoured her ecstatic expression, her obvious enjoyment adding to the thrill. Gina pulled a lacy handkerchief from her evening bag. She wiped the cum off her skin and checked that none was on her dress. Taking a small mirror, she checked her face and tidied up her make up. Then she pulled her dress up, ensuring that it covered her incredible breasts. With grace and poise the buxom escort moved back into her seat and joined him in watching the show; every inch the fair lady again.


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