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My Blonde Teen Escort is My Daughter's Best Friend! - Part 1

I’m in my early 50s and recently divorced. Needless to say, I deserve a little fun after almost 30 years of marriage! So after some consideration, I decided to experience the pleasure of another woman. I hadn’t been with many women in my life and this was my chance to catch up and experience a blonde teen escort. So I headed to the website of a central London escort agency and browsed the many sexy young escort girls on offer - they were certainly very impressive! I found a rather busty European callgirl who was just 19 years of age. Apparently, she offered almost every escort service imaginable. I didn’t know much about such services but that sounded good to me! Anyway, I booked the girl whose name was Alexis. However, shortly after the central London escort agency rang me to tell me that she was no longer available. But as luck would have it, they had another blonde teen escort who was new and even younger than Alexis - just 18 years old! Upon being assured that she was just as busty and offered plenty of services, I happily accepted. I chose an incall appointment at the Kensington apartment of Chloe and soon set off, eager to arrive on time. Upon arriving at the incall apartment of the sexy young escort, I somewhat nervously rang her apartment. I was promptly buzzed in and made my way up the stairs. As I reached the doorway I stopped and my jaw dropped. Chloe was none other than the best friend of my teenage daughter! “I....but…” I stammed, unsure of what to say. A stunned silence followed as we both realised the gravity of the situation. Perhaps it would have been best if I’d left and we’d both pretended it had never happened. However, I was horny and I’d always been attracted to Chloe even though I knew it was wrong. I’d often spied her sunbathing topless with my daughter in the garden in summer. She was very sexy and I’d have been lying if I’d said this wasn’t a major fantasy of mine. Perhaps Chloe had always wanted me too because she didn’t close the door on me. Instead, slightly shy, she invited me in. “Of all the chances of my first client being someone I know!” the blonde teen escort exclaimed. The good news is that she didn’t sound disappointed. Firstly, it was important I gave her the money. I knew she was struggling to make ends meet as a student and had recently been let go from her waitressing job after the restaurant closed down. It was no wonder she’d turned to escorting - she certainly had the body for it! She smiled as she counted the money. “That all seems to be in order, Mr. Stevenson!” said Chloe. I felt my cock swell as she addressed me so formally. “Please, call me Greg”, I smiled, “we may as well be on first name terms after this!” Chloe giggled and took my coat to hang it behind the door. As she did so, I took the chance to take notice of my surroundings. It was a small but very well appointed apartment. And Chloe looked absolutely sensational! The sexy young escort - the best friend of my daughter -  was wearing a rather transparent floral lace robe. Underneath I could see the shape of her buttocks, her beautiful nipples as she turned around to face me. “Shall we get started then?” asked the blonde teen escort. My daughter’s best friend took me by the hand and led me to the bed. I don’t mind admitting that I took a good, long look at her sexy arse beneath the transparent lace robe she was wearing. The blonde teen escort had an incredible body and my dick had quickly become hard at the thought of fucking young Chloe. She turned around and smiled a little nervously. “Shall I suck your cock then?” she asked, moving one hand gently to my crotch. My dick stirred in response. What would my daughter think if she knew her best friend was about suck her Dad’s cock? Whatever the case, I couldn’t say no. I nodded and the sexy young escort girl fumbled with my jeans, tugging them down and sliding her hand beneath my boxers to pull my cock out. She blushed as she did so, perhaps shy about the situation but also impressed at the length and girth of my apparatus! She opened her mouth and her small, delicate tongue reached out and tickled the tip of my dick. Her eyes looked into mine as she did so - Chloe was clearly a professional already! As the hot blonde teen escort’s mouth closed around my dick and began to suck, I groaned and longed to see more of her sexy teenage body. Sensing my interest, Chloe paused to slip out of her robe. I’d wanted to fuck an 18-year-old for a long time and her body was as good a reason as any. Her breasts were the perfect size with perky nipples just waiting to be sucked. Her pussy was neatly shaved and, I imagined, perfectly tight. “Would you like me to continue sucking your cock Mr...Greg?” asked Chloe who was slowly growing in confidence perhaps after seeing my sheer look of lust, “or would you like to fuck me already?”. It simply had to be the latter. While the warmth of the sexy young escort’s mouth was very welcoming, so to was her already glistening pussy! “Lie back on the bed and I’ll climb on top”, I replied. The sexy blonde teen escort, my daughter’s best friend, did as she was told. What a good girl! Chloe lay back, spread her legs and lifted them up. She was so flexible! Trust me when I say that my wife couldn’t do anything like that! Her pussy looked so inviting that I simply had to dive right in. First, I decided to surprise young Chloe by going down on her. I ducked my head and slipped my tongue straight in, being sure to occasionally tease her clitoris too. The sexy young escort gasped in surprise, clearly enjoying the pleasure I was providing. Her pussy tasted fantastic and I lapped it up with enthusiasm, making it even wetter for my inevitable entry. And now it was time for me to slide right in. Chloe moaned as I lined my cock up with her pussy, pressed against the tight, wet entry and slid home. She pulled her legs closer to her body as I began to pound her pussy, my balls slapping against her ass as I did so. The blonde teen escort was moaning loudly, turned on by the fucking she was getting from her best friend’s father. The beautiful breasts of the sexy young escort bounced back and forth as I hammered her. “Fuck me harder, fuck me harder!”, she screamed, grabbing my ass and pulling me towards her. “I want you to fill my cunt with your cum, got it?” said Chloe before she kissed me passionately. My balls practically exploded and she moaned as she felt my hot cum fill her pussy to the brim. Fucking a teenage callgirl was every bit as good as I’d hoped and more! It would have to be our little secret. Who knows, maybe there’d be a second date!


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