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Busty Daughter Learns From Her Hot Mother

Emma had just turned eighteen years old, and had been lucky enough to have enjoyed a privileged upbringing. Despite being raised only by her mother Julie, and having never known her father, she had never wanted for anything. The busty daughter, had been sent at a young age to board at an expensive prep school, and then at an elite girls' boarding school just outside Brighton. But now she'd finished school and was living with her mother until her term at Nottingham University started in late September. What she hadn't realised was that her mother had paid for this lavish lifestyle by working as one of the most popular high class escort girls in London. Mother and daughter looked remarkably alike. Both were slim and petite, with medium-length black hair, button noses, big busts and cheeky grins. On recently learning about her mother's profession, Emma wasn't at all ashamed. In fact, the busty daughter was rather proud of it and was interested in joining in. Luckily, the opportunity soon arose! One day, Emma's mother asked her if she would like to join her on an outcall appointment. A regular client of Julie's had heard that she had a daughter, and fancied a mother-daughter experience with a pair of horny bisexual escort girls. Emma agreed at once, her pussy moistening instantly at the thought of directly experiencing directly her mum's famed lesbian skills. The outcall appointment took place in a room in one of Mayfair's plushest hotels. Their client, Ed, was a well-spoken guy in his mid forties. As soon as they walked in, he asked the two sexy bisexual escorts to strip off for him. They began to do this immediately. Naturally, Julie did so with a little more confidence than Emma. In fact, Emma's mother was naked in seconds. Her body, while almost forty years old was smooth and slim, her breasts large and perky. Emma found herself looking at her mum with lust and this only made her undressing even slower. 'Let me help,' said Julie, as she began to undress her busty daughter. Ed, pleased by this turn of events, was sitting on the bed with his cock in his hand. A few moments later, Emma was naked. Julie took care to run her hands over the teenage escort's young body as she slid off her bra and pants. 'I think,' said Julie, 'that Edward would like you to suck his cock now - isn't that right, Edward?' 'Indeed it is!' Obediently, Emma climbed on to the bed and knelt between her outcall client's legs. She'd been with a few boys, so she was quite confident about taking a cock in her mouth. She enjoyed the flavour as Edward's shaft passed gently into her mouth. Edward gasped in pleasure at the sensation of the horny young teenage escort girl wrapping her lips and tongue around his shaft. Emma sucked and licked assiduously - so much so that she wasn't aware what her mother was up to. She felt Julie's cool hands placed on her hips. For a moment, Edward's cock still in her mouth, she wondered what was happening. But she didn't have to wonder long. A couple of seconds later she felt the hard buzz of vibrating plastic touch her outer pussy. At first she thought her mum was using an ordinary vibrator on her, but then the sexy 18-year-old escort realised that she was being fucked doggy-style with a strap-on vibrator! Emma quickly realised that her mum, was providing some essential escort training while pleasuring her. Would she manage to keep Ed's cock in her mouth and give him excellent OWO while, at the same time, being fucked from behind by what felt like a monster-strap on? She was determined to try. From what she could feel, the strap-on vibrator was certainly a monster. The girth was stretching her tight teenage pussy, and she could feel that Julie was holding back the full length. Her mum didn't hold back for long. On about the sixth or seventh stroke she took a tight hold of her busty daughter's pelvis and pushed in the whole ten inches. Emma let out a groan - muffled by Ed's cock in her mouth - as she felt the long, vibrating monster penetrate into regions of her pussy that had never been touched before. Knowing that she couldn't hold out for long under such treatment, she began to suck Ed's cock harder and faster, keen to taste his cum in her mouth before she orgasmed. Emma wasn't helped by her mum bending over her, grinding the vibe into her pussy and letting her soft breasts drift across the top of her back. Fortunately, the sight of this was too much for Ed. Emma felt his cock twitch in her mouth and a second later her mouth was full of a thick, rich load of creamy cum. Dutifully, she swallowed it all. At the same moment, she allowed herself to orgasm. Julie, sensing her busty daughter's pleasure, drove the vibe in as deep as she could. Emma quickly collapsed on top of Ed, finally letting his cock out of her mouth and groaning and crying out in pleasure. Emma's mum was certainly a good teacher. She had done well. Like mother, like daughter!


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