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A mature gentleman for a curvy London escort

I’d just finished getting ready, I’d chosen to wear a new little black dress and some killer heels to make my long legs even longer. I had been invited out for the evening by a gentleman called John. He was nearly 40 years old than me, I was just 20 and the thought of having an older gentleman taking care of me for the evening was really turning me on. I’m a naturally curvy London escort, I have long brunette hair, big innocent eyes and a curvaceous body that I’m proud of. John had liked the way I looked in my pictures and it pleased me to know that out of hundreds of sexy ladies he had chosen me. I wanted to look my best for him and give him an evening he would never forget. At 7pm I arrived at a restaurant in the suburbs of London, it was a small intimate but beautiful restaurant and it looked very expensive. It was clear that John had good taste and I felt excited at the prospect of spending the evening with him. John didn’t disappoint me, he was the perfect gentleman and he showered me with compliments and champagne. I was feeling very flattered. John was a handsome man, he had hints of grey in his hair which turned me on, and his body seemed to be in good condition for his age. I spent the evening flirting with him, laughing and joking. It turned out that John just wanted company, he had recently been divorced from his wife of 30 years after he found out she had cheated on him and he was lacking the confidence he needed to move on. I felt sad for John, his story tugged at my heart and I felt myself feeling a connection to him emotionally as well as physically. I asked John if he wanted to come back to my in-call apartment where we could talk more and get to know each other even better. John jumped at the chance to spend longer with me and once at my apartment I told him to make himself comfortable. I wanted to kiss him and make him feel better, so I took his face in my hands and placed a soft sweet kiss on his lips. He responded and started to push his tongue delicately into my mouth, teasing me. I felt his experienced hands move down my body, down my arms, softly skimming the soft skin of my cleavage with his finger-tips until he reached my waist and pulled me closer. His mouth started to kiss me harder, I could feel my nipples poking out through my little dress at the thought of this older man commanding my body. I stood up and pushed John further back on the sofa as I climbed on top of his lap, with my prefect juicy breasts level with his face. I started to rock myself gently on top of his body, as I bent my head to kiss his neck passionately. I could feel his erection though his pants and I lifted my dress up a little from the back so that my arse was peeking out of it for him to grab. He took my arse cheeks in his hands and squeezed them hard as I grinded his cock through the fabric of his trousers. I could sense his arousal growing as he started to breath louder and I could tell he needed to be inside my young pussy. I quickly put my hands between his legs and freed his cock from his trousers. I heard him groan as my fingers touched the skin of his penis. It was like he hadn’t been touched in months, he needed this, he needed me to take his frustration away. I looked him in the eyes and gently slid my hand between my thighs to push my little black thong to the side. I manoeuvred my tight pussy over his big dick and slid myself down his impressive length. I moaned loud as I slid on to his huge cock. I couldn’t hide the lust in my eyes, and he could tell I was loving every second of it. I started to move, I bounced up and down on his cock, sliding my wet pussy up and down his long shaft, feeling his older experienced cock filling every inch of me made me more aroused than I’d ever been in my life. He gently slid the straps of my little dress down and as I was wearing no bra my perky little tits fell out. Bouncing freely in his face as he fucked me hard from below. He found my pink nipples with his teeth, and he tugged and kissed on them seductively. I was loving every moment of it, it was the best sensation I had ever felt in my life. I desperately wanted this older man to cum inside me. I wanted him to release all his frustrations into my tight young pussy. I wanted him to get pleasure from my body and forget all about his ex-wife. I started to move faster, the thought of a guy old enough to be my dad fucking me was sending me wild. I could feel myself building to orgasm and rode him harder. The pleasure was too much for us both, I heard him moan loudly as he released his load inside me. His dick pulsed as he squirted his cum deep inside my 20- year old pussy. I started to orgasm with him, finding my climax, I felt pleasure rising through my body. It was the most intense orgasm of my life. I fell forwards on to John’s chest and I let him wrap his arms around me. He was so grateful of my body and so worshipping, I had never felt sexier in my life. We spent the rest of the evening talking and making love again and again. I liked John and I had feeling I would be seeing him again and again.


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