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Mature escort plays naughty teacher - part 1

The beautiful blonde mature escort was sat at her desk, preparing herself for the role i asked her to play. She held a pencil to her lips playing with it and teasing her big juicy lips in thought, waiting for the fun to begin. The 18- year old student stood in the corridor peeking through the gap of the door at his sexy teacher. She was wearing a white blouse and as she leaned over the desk, he could see her big cleavage, he started rubbing himself watching her. She was the most stunning creature he’d ever laid eyes on and her long legs looked sexier than ever in her black little mini skirt and heels. He’d always fantasied about fucking his teacher and as he was stood outside her classroom waiting to go in for their meeting, he couldn’t resist tugging himself off a little whilst she sat there oblivious to his actions. What happened next, he couldn’t believe, even though he was seeing it with his own eyes, she started to rub her breasts, she opened her blouse slightly and squeezed her tits with her hands. Her sexy long legs opened wide and she moved her little black panties to the side and started to rub on her perfect little clit. He couldn’t help but wonder if she knew he was watching her, but, how could she? He tugged on his dick a bit more, but then she seemed to realise the time and stopped and sat up straight. He put his dick away and entered the classroom, she indicated for him to go a sit on the sofa at the edge of the classroom, she went and sat across from him. She was wearing sexy fuck me glasses and again he couldn’t help but admire her long smooth legs as she sat with them crossed just an arm length away from him. Their discussion had begun and he told her about his desire to get into university to study art, he mentioned he had a particular interest in figure and live art drawings and he couldn’t help but notice her change in attitude as he mentioned his future art goals. “Maybe I could help you with that”, she said quite seductively. Taken a back a little the student didn’t know how to reply, was she offering herself as a life art subject? His imagination began to run wild as he thought about her lay naked in front of him as he sketched her sexy body. Her next move shocked him, she stood up in front of him and started slowly stripping her blouse from her body. “I happen to be wearing new lingerie today”, she said seductively as she continued releasing her body of clothes. He didn’t know what to do, he came over all shy as his hot teacher stood there stripping down to just her panties and bra. “Come on now, you can’t be shy if you want to do live art as a career”, she said teasingly.  With that, he grabbed his sketch book from his ruck sack and took his place on a chair, “lie on the sofa”, he ordered her. The sexy mature escort did as she was told and before long, she was lay on the sofa, her body was breath taking, she was magnificent in every single way. His pencil made contact with his sketch book; he began drawing his sexy older teacher. His eyes lingered a little longer than they needed to on the smooth curves of her waist and bust. Her stomach was toned and slender and her long legs were sun-kissed and sexy. He knew the sketch that he was drawing would in no way match up to her true beauty, but he wanted her to like the drawing. Once he had finished, she stood and walked over to him, she peered over his broad shoulders and admired the sketch he had made of her. Lowering herself to his ear she whispered that such fine work deserved recognition. He wondered what type of recognition he was going to get but it didn’t take him long to realise that his reward was going to be her. She manoeuvred herself around his body until she was stood directly in front of him in nothing but her lingerie and heels. He could feel himself getting nervous as his hot teacher made advances on him, her hands started to trace the collar of his shirt, slowly undoing the buttons and leaning in the kiss the smooth skin of his chest. He let out a low groan at her touches and he felt his erection grow in his trousers, he wanted her desperately, he wanted to see how it felt to fuck such a stunning older woman. Before he knew it she was kneeling between his legs and his cock was down the back of her sexy throat, the feeling was sensational and he grabbed on to her blonde hair as she looked up at him seductively with her big blue eyes as she deep throated his big dick. He had never felt his cock so big and erect before, her tongue was so skilful and experienced, he never knew that a blow job could feel that good and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he was shooting his load everywhere. She spread his legs wide open and he watched as her sexy tongue caressed the tip of his dick and licked up and down the length of him. Her saliva was all over him and her moaning was getting loader the harder his dick became. He heard little gags from the back of her throat and the sound just made him want to fill her mouth even further and deeper with his cock. She pulled away from his dick and took his hand, she pushed him onto the sofa and climbed on top of him, she slid her tight pussy down the length of his cock and started to fuck him hard. “Yes, yes yes”, she screamed out in extasy. Her arse was slapping against him as she fucked him and forced herself harder and harder onto his dick. She threw her bra to the floor and he looked up to see her massive cleavage bouncing all over the place, her perfect nipples were hard, and her screaming got louder. He was sure someone would hear but her didn’t care. He stood up and bent her over the sofa, shoving his hard dick back inside her soaking wet pussy. He could feel his balls about to explode as he pounded into her from behind. “Cum inside me”, she demanded. And with that his cock exploded cum straight inside her little pussy hole. He slammed it into her feeling the sensation of her tightening and pulsing pussy as she came all over his hard cock. “I think we’ve had a very good educational session today,” she said as she began putting her clothes back on. He looked at her with nothing but admiration in his eyes, “yes Miss, I believe we have”, he replied.


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