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Married Man Uses High Class London Escorts

Tom had worked hard his whole life and been very successful. He had married early in life to a very beautiful woman who seemed the perfect wife. Sadly appearances could be deceiving - he had his suspicions that she'd cheated on him on multiple occasions. Well two could play that game! When Tom was in London he'd wine and dine beautiful London escorts before taking them back to his hotel room. For him it wasn't all about the sex but more the thought of getting one over on his wife. Money wasn't a problem so he always paid for an overnight outcall and made sure that he always chose a woman who resembled his wife - blonde and busty! When he did take London escorts back to his room he'd enjoy the thrill of fucking them on the balcony of his room. He would bend them over the balcony and reach under their tight skirt and rip their panties off. Then he'd pull up their tight skirts and push their legs slightly apart. He'd remove his trousers and boxers and shove his hard dick right into their tight, wet snatches. Occasionally he would call the London escorts by his wife's name as he fucked them - it was some sort of perverted justice. When he came to the point of orgasm he'd turn them around and make them kneel before him. Then he'd enjoy the CIF service they offer, covering their faces in cum. He knew it was all a little strange but he didn't care. As long as he and the London escorts were satisfied, everyone was a winner! Secretly, he hoped his bitch of a wife would one day catch him fucking a London escort - that would be something special.


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