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Making Out Girl on Girl for East European Callgirl

He watched the East European escort move amongst the crowd. Her body moved in a sensuous weave between bodies as youthful as hers but none quite as erotic. Evelyn's long, toned legs caught many an admiring look. The curve of her hips, the roundness of her ass and the swell of her pert breasts in her figure-hugging dress caused more than a few mouths to water. He shifted in his seat, adjusting his erection so as to hide it from any casual glance in his direction. Once he was comfortable, he surveyed the room. The escort with brunette hair glanced up to his position on the balcony, awaiting his signal. He smiled, pleased with her commitment to the task. With a nod he directed her towards the left. Evelyn brushed her hand over the arm of a short blonde woman with huge breasts but he shook his head and directed her a little further on. With a questioning look in his direction, the East European escort stopped in front of a tall, willowy redhead. The redhead wore a gold dress that clung to her impossibly thin body. She was sexy in an androgynous manner and he was curious enough to nod. Evelyn inclined her head with a small smile on her lips. She turned and engaged the androgynous woman in conversation. The sexy young brunette ran her hand up the redhead's back. Receiving no objection to the intimate touch, she reached up for a tentative kiss. He could see the other woman's eyes widen in surprise and then close as she responded. Leaning forward, he watched with interest. Evelyn's soft curves pressed against the slender redhead's body. He felt a stirring of interest in his groin. When the East European escort broke away from the kiss and looked up at him, he shook his head and waved her on though. The gorgeous escort gave a little shrug and moved through the crowd once again, leaving the redhead somewhat flustered and bewildered. Once again he surveyed the room. His eyes locked on to a beautiful woman with ebony skin, full breasts and an athletic figure. He felt his mouth fill with saliva. Evelyn had noticed the direction of his gaze and was already moving towards the object of his desire. He smiled. His East European escort was good. He knew he had been right to choose the best escort agency in London. Evelyn approached the ebony woman and went straight in for a kiss. The other woman pulled back in shock, her eyes running up and down the brunette escort's body. Suddenly she grasped the side of Evelyn's beautiful face and kissed the East European escort deep and sensuously. The two women's bodies seemed to fit together like pieces of a jigsaw, their hands roamed wantonly over each other's curves. His body responded with an intensity he had never felt before. Trembles ran along his limbs and his cock strained against his pants. When Evelyn finally came up for air she didn't bother looking up at the balcony. She took the ebony woman's hand and led her towards the stairs. Angels of London - For the hottest escort companions to book in London


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