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Making a Deposit With European Callgirl Aleeza

A threesome with the European escort was a dream come true for the nervous couple. Aleeza's exotic looks were so sexy. Dressed in a smart, tailored suit that showed off her sensual curves, she was the picture of professionalism. Without looking at his girlfriend, he reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze, it was the only communication needed to relay that he was very happy with her choice. She returned the pressure, her excitement equal to his. The brunette escort rapped her knuckles on the desk. 'I don't seem to be getting through to you,' said the sexy European escort, 'The situation is very serious. You simply do not have a good enough credit score to qualify for this loan.' Aleeza walked around the desk and sat on its edge, her shapely thighs were directly in front of the man, her stocking tops visible where her pinstripe skirt had ridden up. 'There must be something that we can do...' he said from his chair, his tone desperate. He looked to his girlfriend whose eyes were wide, her cheeks flushed with desire. 'We'll do anything,' she said, 'Anything that you want.' 'Anything?' said Aleeza. The couple nodded. 'Suck his dick, get him hard for me,' she said to the woman. No further encouragement was required, under the stern gaze of the bisexual escort, the woman gave her boyfriend OWO, sucking him off until he was groaning and writhing. 'That's enough,' said the European escort. The couple looked up at her, the woman with saliva coating her chin, the man with a raging erection. Holding their gaze, the European escort pushed her skirt up to her waist. The couple gasped in unison at the sight of her naked pussy. 'Take off your panties and come and sit on the desk,' she said to the woman, 'You, bring that big hard dick over here and fuck me,' she said to the man. The woman climbed onto the desk, turning sideways so that her pussy was open to Aleeza's side whilst the man pushed the sexy, young escort's thighs apart and guided his dick into her hot, wet pussy. Aleeza wrapped her long, toned legs around him and moaned as he thrust into her. At the same time, her agile fingers slipped between the woman's soaking wet pussy lips. Two fingers she slipped inside while her thumb found the engorged clitoris. Her digital skill soon had the woman gasping and thrusting. Pausing for a second, the European escort licked the woman's pussy juices from her fingers. 'You taste amazing,' she said, 'Slide closer and kiss me.' The woman did as instructed, kissing the European escort whilst being fingered with exquisite skill once again. Grunts and groans came from all three of them. The man was fucking Aleeza's tight pussy with a passionate frenzy, the two women were kissing deeply whilst the gorgeous escort's fingers splashed in and out of the woman's quivering pussy. With a loud yell the woman bucked against Aleeza's hand, her whole body shivering and shuddering as she cried out again and again. When her cries turned to exhausted whimpers, the European escort removed her hand and turned her entire focus on the man. She wrapped her legs tighter around him and squeezed with her vaginal muscles. He tensed, his legs almost giving way but for the sexy thighs that were holding him up. Aleeza flung her head back and froze whilst her body flooded with ecstasy and her male lover came hard inside her throbbing pussy. 'Congratulations,' she murmured, 'Your loan has been approved.'


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