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First Incall for Sexy Student Escort

Lucy was nervous. This was going to be her first incall assignment as a professional escort girl. The client had asked that the sexy student wear her school uniform. The escort agency had told Lucy that this was a quite common request. Lucy hadn't worn her uniform in four years. Her breasts - which had always been well developed - had grown even more since then. She was just doing up her tie when the buzzer rang. She rushed to the door. The man standing outside was tall and good-looking, in early middle age. 'Hi,' she said. I'm Lucy.' 'You can call me Sir,' said the man. Lucy felt she had no choice but to be submissive. The man put his hand around her wrist and firmly guided her into the flat. It was almost as if he had been there before. Lucy realized that he might have been - another escort girl had used it for incalls before her. They reached the bedroom. The man sat on the edge of the bed. 'Kindly bend over my lap', he said. Lucy had never actually been spanked before. 'Yes Sir,' the sexy student replied, obediently bending over the man's lap. She still didn't know his name. She felt him run his hand up the back of her thigh. When it reached her schoolgirl skirt it kept going, hitching the material around her waist and exposing her bottom. Like a lot of escort girls, Lucy didn't believe in knickers. For a moment the palm of the man's hand moved over her smooth, tight buttocks. Then it lifted off. Moments later it landed on them again with a smack. Lucy gave an involuntary yelp. The sensation wasn't painful, exactly - just a little shocking. She was supposed to be an escort girl - a high class professional to be wined and dined. And yet here she was being treated like a little girl again. The sexy student felt a dampness begin to spread between her legs. 'Right, young lady,' said the man. 'Now that you've been punished, it's time to see if you've learnt anything. Time for a test I think.' 'What would you like me to do, Sir?' 'Hmm... I think we'll assess your oral skills.' Although she'd enjoyed being spanked, Lucy was excited at the prospect of providing OWO. She obediently knelt down. The man remained seated on the edge of the bed, doing nothing but gazing at her sternly. 'Don't you think you should be more appropriately dressed?' 'Yes, Sir.' Lucy undid the buttons of her tight shirt and popped her big, heavy breasts out of her lacy bra. 'That's better,' said the man. 'You may continue.' Lucy was beginning to think she rather liked incall appointments! The light spanking had been fun and now the sexy student was going to do one of her favourite things - suck some cock! She undid his belt and pulled it off before unzipping the trousers of his suit. His cock sprang out right away - it was long and rock hard! She worked her left hand underneath his balls, massaging them lightly. 'Is that good, Sir?' 'Excellent. Continue.' Gently, she moved her head down and kissed the end of his cock - it was salty, and she felt it swell and grow harder as she pressed her lips to it. She ran her tongue around the exposed glans a couple of times, then took the whole shaft into her mouth. One of the things that made her such a good escort was her OWO skills. She enjoyed giving head, and had long ago perfected deepthroating. She also offered CIM and loved the warm spurt of cum down her throat. This particular session of OWO was going well. Lucy's incall client groaned as the tip of his cock touched the back of Lucy's throat. He lay back on the bed. Now Lucy was in control - the way an incall appointment should work! She climbed on top of him, and, keeping his cock in her mouth, turned her body round so that his head was between her legs. The sexy student ground her pussy down onto his face, and felt him push his tongue inside her. He didn't mess around with her clit - he pushed his tongue in as far as it would go. He must have had the longest tongue in the world because it felt like a huge muscular cock had been pushed inside her. Suppressing a gasp as her G-spot was stimulated, Lucy redoubled her efforts on his cock. She was looking forward to the moment of CIM and it wasn't long coming. With a groan, her dominant incall client orgasmed. Lucy's mouth filled with so much hot salty cum that she had trouble swallowing it all back. But, being the profession escort she was, her OWO skills didn't let her down. She struggled, but she swallowed the whole load. She withdrew his still hard cock from her mouth and licked her lips. The incall escorting business was certainly appealing to her!


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