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Lucy takes my virginity

It was the middle of August, in just over a month I would be starting university. I had never been very popular with the ladies and I was terrified of going to university a virgin, as immature as that may sound, it was something that really scared me. I found myself searching on line for an eastern European escort and I finally came across the perfect lady. She was older than me, I wanted someone with experience. I arranged to meet my chosen lady at her in- call apartment in London, I wanted the afternoon to be perfect and I wanted guaranteed privacy. As soon as she opened her door my jaw dropped. She stood there in a lacy, white bustier and suspenders, complete with a set of heels that made her legs seem endless. She had the body of a goddess, with her golden skin and tiny waist. Her breasts were big and juicy, and it gave me an instant erection just looking at them squeezed together in her tight little outfit. Her hair was brunette, and it looked soft and silky cascading down her body in loose curls. She looked like a woman from a magazine. “My name is Lucy”, she spoke seductively in my ear as she grabbed my collar and pulled me through her door. “I’m going to teach you just how to please the ladies”, she continued as she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She gently edged me towards her bed and sat me down as she took my face and started to lay gentle kisses on my cheeks and lips. She was soft and gentle, but her authoritive, eastern European accent made my dick rock solid in my trousers. “I want you to massage me”, she said in sweet, yet sexy voice. She moved over to a cupboard by her bed and pulled out a bottle of oil and placed it on the bed next to me. She slowly started to unbutton my shirt, gently placing kisses on my chest as she went. She found her way to my trousers and stripped me until I was sat completely naked on her bed. “Could you please assist me with this”, she asked, pointing to her bustier. I didn’t need to be asked twice, I stood and gently unravelled the silk lace that held It together until she was stood there in front of me topless. Her breasts were big and perky with hard, pink nipples that looked like they were begging to be sucked. She was stood before me in only her suspenders and her tiny lace white panties. She dropped her panties to the floor, to reveal her beautiful, neat pussy. “I want you to rub this ‘all’ over my body”, she said handing the bottle to me. She climbed onto the bed and lay flat on her tummy, I could feel my erection getting harder at the sight of this goddess lay practically naked next to me. I took the bottle and squirted oil all down her spine. I started to rub her, working my hands into her beautiful curves, feeling every inch of her sexy, slender body. I got brave and decided that I needed to massage her insides too. I squirted some oil onto my hand, spread her legs and lifted her pert little bottom into the air. I traced my finger down her bum cheeks, cheekily grazing her arse hole as I passed, until I found her sweet pussy. I started to rub her clit, gently caressing her most intimate place. I found a rhythm and placed my fingers inside her waiting hole. She moaned in pleasure, enjoying the rhythm of my fingers inside her. I continued my relentless torture until she told me to stop or else, I would make her cum. She rolled her self over and quickly found herself on top of me. She took the lotion from me and spread it all over my chest. She rubbed her hands over my body, working my penis and gently dipping her fingers in my arse hole. I was harder than I’d ever been in my life. I was ready to lose my virginity to the beautiful escort. I wanted her. As though she had read my mind, she lifted her self above my dick and skilfully slid her vagina down it. She felt like heaven as she sat on top of me, rocking backwards and forwards, slowly at first, but then speeding up. She was fucking me good and hard. Her beautiful tits were bouncing as she fucked me harder and harder. She lowered her face to mine and whispered in my ear, “this is how I like to fuck, fuck me harder”. I grabbed her tiny waist and started to thrust upwards, meeting her every move. I was hammering her sweet pussy from below and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I squirted my load deep inside her. “Cum for me”, she moaned sexily. “Cum inside my tight little pussy”. I did, I exploded inside her. My body convulsed from the orgasm and I could feel her orgasming at the same time, her pussy tightened around my dick, milking it for all the cum it had. She collapsed on top of me, her breathing slowed as she lay naked on top of my chest with my arms wrapped around her. I had finally lost my virginity, I felt amazing, I felt like a god with this stunning creature lay on top of my body. I wrapped my arms around her and stroked her soft skin. This was one training session I wanted to repeat over and over.


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