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The London Female Escort and the Love Swing - Part 1

At twenty-five, Lucy was quite mature for a female escort. She'd been in the profession since leaving university aged twenty-one, and she absolutely loved it. To look at her, you would never think that she was a callgirl - although that was true of many of the most elite callgirls working for escort agencies in London. She was about five foot six, with blonde hair and a slim, sexy size eight figure. She tended to dress relatively casually, favouring trousers with a jumper and a denim jacket to the sort of strappy tops, short skirts and heels favoured by other blonde, brunette and redhead escort girls working in London. But underneath this conservative exterior was one of the horniest minxes in town! Although she sometimes looked and acted like a primary school teacher, she was actually sexually irrepressible. Underneath the demure clothes there was always some sexy underwear. So she was delighted when one day the boss of her elite London escort agency rang and said that a regular client wanted to book an outcall appointment with a willing and submissive London escort to try something new. Lucy jumped at the chance of extending her range of sexual experience. An hour later she was knocking on the door of a large house in Islington. The door was opened by her client who was a well-built man in his mid forties. His name was Rod and he came across as a pleasant guy and Lucy immediately warmed to him - she could see why he was liked and trusted by the other incall and outcall London female escorts at the agency. He greeted the sexy young female escort girl with a kiss before taking her by the hand. To Lucy's surprise, instead of taking her upstairs, he led her downstairs to the basement. It wasn't at all gloomy down there, but Lucy's eyes took a moment to adjust to the slightly dimmer light. Once her eyes had adjusted she was so very excited by what she saw that she could feel her pussy filling with juice in anticipation! In front of her was a large room. In the centre of it, made up in black silk sheets, was a king sized double bed. But it wasn't this that had the blonde callgirl's juices flowing - it was what was next to the bed. Hanging from the ceiling by a steel spring and hook was a leather love swing - a harness for being fucked in! Eagerly, Lucy walked over to it and began to run her fingers over the smooth leather. There was a padded loop for the sexy female escort to sit in, and another to support her back so she could lean backwards. Even more exciting, there were slings to support her legs so they were spread nice and wide apart - these slings also had wrist cuffs in them so the horny young escort knew she would be extra secure. 'Can we play?', she asked excitedly, turning to Rod. 'Sure - but we'd better get you naked first!' Lucy didn't need any encouragement for that! Her instinct was to tear her clothes off right away, but being one of London's very sexiest and most professional female escorts, she knew it was her job to tease and please her client. After all, in the long run she'd get more pleasure out of doing that than she would out of getting naked right away. Thinking carefully about exactly how to create the right sexy atmosphere, the blonde submissive escort kicked off her shoes and jumped up so that she was standing on the bed - Rod's head was about level with her tummy. Slowly and carefully, the hot female escort undid her trousers and let them fall around her ankles. Rod reached out and ran his hands up and down the smooth flesh of the inside of her thigh. Lucy's outcall client couldn't quite see her panties because of the young blonde escort girl's shirt tails. Gently, he lifted them up, to find that she was actually not wearing any panties at all! He looked up at Lucy who gave him an innocent grin, and then back down at the trim and neat little pussy he'd just unveiled. He was about to put his hand between her legs and use his finger to explore her wetness when she took a couple of steps backwards on the bed - this girl really was a tease! Biting her bottom lip and gazing intently at her outcall client, Lucy slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it slip off. She was standing on the bed in just a pair of white cotton socks and a black bra. She turned away from Rod and slipped the bra off too, and then spun back round so he could admire her pert b-cup breasts. Although she was teasing, she couldn't help the fact that her nipples were erect - Rod had noticed this too, and realised that she kept taking sidelong glances at the love swing. Her incall client knew that the very thought of being strapped into it her was turning her on. He could see he'd chosen the right female escort for what he wanted! He carefully helped her down from the bed. 'Would you like to have some fun now?' he asked. 'Oh yes please,' she answered eagerly. 'I'd like that very much...' Rod didn't waste any time getting Lucy strapped into the love swing. As he did so, he ran his hands over the smooth lines of the female escort. Rod had been with quite a few callgirls from escort agencies in London - blondes, brunettes, redheads, sexy Oriental girls, girls from Eastern Europe, the whole range. Despite this, he'd never come across one with such a flawless body. In fact, he wasn't sure he'd ever been with an escort who was this horny! Getting into the swing wasn't that easy, and after much giggling and a few failed attempts at getting into it by herself, Lucy consented to Rod lifting her. She stood facing him, her cute nipples just an inch or two from his chest. He bent his knees a little and reached around to grab her ass and the backs of her upper thighs. He was a strong guy, and he lifted the female escort girl without very much effort. As he lifted her, Lucy instinctively locked her legs around his back to steady herself, as if she wanted him to penetrate her there and then. However, he was still fully clothed. 'Be patient,' he whispered in her ear. After a little maneouvring, he managed to place her cute and tight little arse square on the seat of the love swing, supporting her back as she leaned backwards. Now she was lying on her back at a forty-five degree angle on the swing, bouncing very slightly as her weight stretched the strong, steel spring that was securing the whole thing to a ceiling joist above her head. Rod must have spent some time planning and installing the whole contraption - it was quite impressive! Lucy was lying back but the business of fixing her into the swing was by no means complete. Carefully, Rod lifted her legs, wrapping the upper slings around them. He then tightened the cuffs at the end so that the sexy female escort's feet were high in the air with her legs spread wide. Her pussy winked at him, and glistened with juice. Finally, the outcall client took hold of the escort girl's unresisting arms and secured each wrist. The female escort was now bobbing about, completely vulnerable and unable to move. Her legs were spread wide, exposing her tight wet pussy - she was loving it! Next came a blindfold. The horny young BDSM escort hadn't been expecting this, but it was an added bonus, so she let Rod wrap it around her head. It wasn't as if she had much choice in the matter, being in the position she was in! Once the cute and sexy young blonde escort girl was securely fastened in, Rod quickly stripped off. He was keen to give Lucy a good hard fucking and didn't want to wait any longer. But first he was going to give her a good hard honest fucking. Her pussy looked so tight and inviting that it seemed a shame to do anything else! Steadying the sexy blonde escort girl's body with a hand on her hip he put his other hand between her legs and started to feel the contours of her pussy. The blindfolded escort girl gasped and squirmed a little as she felt Rod's hand moving between her legs, and she gasped even more when he pushed an exploratory finger into the warm depths of her pussy - it was soaking wet. Removing his finger, Rod put both hands on Lucy's hips, and lined his erect cock up with her pussy. Rather than penetrate her directly, he pushed her back just a few inches. Making sure his cock was well lined-up, he let her go. This caused the swing to return to him, impaling the blonde BDSM escort's pussy on his cock. The hot female escort cried out, and did so again when he repeated the move. Standing still, Rod swung the callgirl back and forth on the swing, pushing her back so that his cock was nearly out of her. She pleaded to have it back inside before he let go, allowing the warm depths sank of her pussy to surround his hard shaft. He began to build up a rhythm, gradually bringing his hips forward to meet Lucy's pussy as it homed in on his shaft. After a few moments they were fucking hard. The restrained callgirl relished the pleasure she got from not being able to move and being completely in the hands of her client. Sensing that Lucy was close to orgasm, Rod decided to go for it. The outcall client unleashed a barrage of thrusts into her sopping pussy which culminated in him exploding inside her. Lucy cried out as she came, three times in fast succession. Rod let his cock - which was still hard - slip out of Lucy's pussy. This was one of the best outcalls either of them had ever experienced!


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