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Fun Callgirl After Work

Hannah was a young London escort. Priding herself on top service, she loved her job and took good care of every client. Petite yet curvy, she had a delicious sun-kissed body that was both fit and toned. Hannah knew how to turn a man on with her many skills which ranged from something as simple as a sexy look to a more complex erotic massage. And while the fun escort undoubtedly had talent in the bedroom, she was equally capable in public. Her social skills at parties and events impressed many as she used her charm and wit to great effect. Of course, it helped that she always looked super sexy too! A typical working day for many people can be relatively uneventful. When it's not uneventful, it's because there's an overload of work which makes it stressful. Needless to say a repetitive cycle day after day can cause boredom to set in. That's the sign when a change is needed. Hannah was that perfect injection of excitement as her latest incall client happily discovered. This particular client had never seen Hannah before however he was a very regular client of her London escort agency. The fun escort was recommended to him by the friendly agent he had spoken to on the phone. She'd listened to what he was looking for and picked very well indeed. Like many Londoners, this client worked long hours in an office. More often than not he left the office feeling stressed from a hard day's work. He was looking for something special - a girl that could make him forget about his worries. What he needed was time to relax and enjoy. He needed Hannah the fun escort. The agency let Hannah know that her client was really stressed with work. Based on this feedback she decided to do something extra special for him. The second he walked through the door Hannah was doting over him. Hannah loved sensual activity as much as she did wild carnal sex. As soon as he came out of the shower Hannah began to show why she had a reputation as a fun and kinky minx. She whipped his towel with a devilish look in her eye. Her client was now stark naked and horny. He could no longer resist the urge to let his instincts run wild. Jumping on her, he began to kiss her ferociously. Hannah responded with equal ardour as they rolled around the bed. They tore at each other's clothes in sheer lust. Things were getting hot very quickly and it wasn't long before the fun escort was stuffing his cock down her throat. This girl could not get enough. She could see he needed to get wild and she loved it. This was the best fun he had had in a long time. She sucked hard, slurping and getting sloppy with his hard shaft. Her client was in dreamland. He now knew what this girl was all about. Nothing was too much trouble for her. Before long she was underneath him and sucking his balls. Hannah was quickly finding out that this guy liked it dirty. Hot and sweaty, he started shouting orders. He told her to lick his balls and play with her pussy. She loved the fact that he had become so very dominant - it was a huge turn on for her. His fun escort was now extremely wet. Pussy juices dripped down the inside of her legs. Yet he didn't want her pussy. At the top of his voice he commanded her to bend over. She was happy to oblige. Without hesitation, he rammed his cock so far up her arse that she screamed with satisfaction. His every thrust was a hot spear of desire. Hannah couldn't take any more and she could sense that he was about to explode too. She jumped off and dropped to her knees. She was instantly met with a load of hot sticky cum. Hannah proceeded to swallow every last drop using her finger to wipe it off her face. Her client was very much satisfied and so was Hannah.


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