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High Class London Callgirl Sylvie in GFE Oral Bliss

The High Class London escort knew that she was beautiful but it was always lovely to be told. The regular compliments that she received from her dates were just one of the perks of working with the best escort agency in London. Tonight's date was particularly complimentary. He loved her long legs - you might say that he worshipped them and that was more than fine with Sylvie. She arched her back and luxuriated in the sensual attention. Her hands spread across the smooth sheets and she sighed happily. The GFE London escort had spent a great deal of time walking back and forth across the room for her date. He had watched her move, his eyes hungrily devouring every step that her fabulous legs took. She had watched him play with his cock and seen him become more and more turned on with each swish of a thigh and turn of an ankle. Her body had responded with need when he had shot his load just from the sight of her legs. Never had she had such a spectacular compliment. Now the sexy London escort lay on the bed naked. She was feeling relaxed and very horny! His hands gripped her thighs just above the knees and eased her long legs apart. The gentle kisses moved up her calves and over the sensitive skin. He reached her thighs and her pussy began to throb. It was such an erotic experience for Sylvie. She moaned. 'Incredible,' he murmured, 'The sexiest legs I have ever seen.' His lips reached her neatly shaved pussy, his hands running over her soft, smooth thighs. He pushed them further apart and buried his face in the beautiful London escort's pussy. She grasped the sheets in her hands and twisted her supple, youthful body. Her pussy responded to the oral attention with such intensity that she thought she might burst. Sylvie was so turned on that she already hovered on the brink of orgasm. He pulled his body over hers and his hard dick slid inside her tight pussy. The London escort groaned and felt her inner muscles begin to tremble. 'Wrap your legs around me,' he said. Sylvie complied gladly, enjoying the feel of her long limbs on his masculine back. 'Fuck. That's it. Oh, yes,' he said. He fucked the GFE oral escort hard and fast. Sylvie's youthful body responded with equal enthusiasm, climax after climax shuddering through her body. Her legs held him tight, the soft skin sliding against his thrusting torso. When he froze, his cock pumping spunk into her pussy, Sylvie was rewarded with the most intense orgasm of the night. The sexy London escort's legs gripped him even tighter and he came even harder. 'I'm in heaven,' he gasped. Sylvie's heart swelled with happiness. She really loved compliments.


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