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Premium London Callgirl Swallows on OWO Date

The sexy London escort date knelt at his feet on the shiny bathroom floor with her cupid's bow lips poised over the tip of his hard cock. He stood with his back against the tiled wall, the flats of his palms hot against the cold surface. Sounds of the party floated through the locked door; laughter, the clink of glasses, the buzz of animated conversation. The bathroom was a luxurious haven of calm from the frenetic night of socialising. All night he had barely had a moment to himself with the beautiful Tiffany. He had watched the London escort move seductively through the crowds of people, listened to her charm the other guests with her easy conversation and longed for the moment when he would have her all to himself. Aware of his mounting frustration, the hot South Kensington escort had taken matters into her own hands and steered him into the bathroom. With the door locked and the rest of the world shut away, they had stood looking into each other's eyes, their chests rising and falling in unison. 'Kiss me,' she had whispered and he had obeyed. Those expert, knowledgeable lips had led him on an erotic exploration. Their tongues entwined and hands ran over excited bodies. His cock had got so hard that it hurt. Finding the zip on her sophisticated black evening dress, he had slid it down to her perfectly round ass and the figure hugging garment had dropped silently to the bathroom floor. His sexy London escort stood before him in heels and matching lingerie. Tiffany was breathtaking. Before he knew it, he was pressed against the tiled wall and his trousers were undone. The cool surface contrasted with the tight heat of his swollen dick and the sexy London escort kneeling before him. Her lips closed around his cock. A wet, agile tongue drew him deep into the secure grip of her mouth. He sighed, relaxing under her expert touch. Her silky head bobbed back and forth, soft hair brushing against his bare thighs. That incredible mouth closed tighter around his cock and he moaned with delight. He had never had OWO as good as this. She continued to suck harder and faster and he made fists with his hands as his climax began to rise. The beautiful escort gave his swollen balls a gentle squeeze and he erupted into her mouth. He felt wave after wave of cum pump down her throat. Tiffany swallowed as she continued to suck. Not a drop of spunk fell from her gorgeous lips. Finally the onslaught of ecstasy subsided as his balls were sucked dry. As he recovered, he watched the London escort's sexy body being covered by her evening dress once again. 'Do you mind?' she said turning her back to him and lifting her long, dark hair. With shaking hands he pulled up her zip. 'Thank you,' she said with a seductive smile. Picking up her evening bag from the side of the large marble basin, she fixed her make up and rinsed her mouth. A quick kiss promised more to come and they returned to the hectic crush of the party outside.


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