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Hot London Callgirl Nora Gives A Very Happy Ending

The London escort skipped away from him again, her blonde hair swishing, her pretty face lit up with laughter. Nora was adorable and extremely sexy. She wore knee high boots that moulded to her shapely calves, a pleated mini skirt and a tightly fitted jumper under her warm suede coat. Her cheeks were rosy in the cold air, her excited breath forming bursts of white smoke. Her laughter was infectious and he found himself grinning like a lovestruck fool at the hot London escort girl. She turned to face him, walking backwards along the path. 'Am I teasing you?' she said. 'You know you are, you little minx,' he said. 'Doesn't it make it all the more fun though?' said the London escort, blowing him a kiss and dancing further along the path, her short skirt swinging around her thighs. He laughed and watched her move, luxuriating in her beauty and youth. She reached the doors to the country hotel and pulled them open. 'If you can catch me, you can have me,' she said and ran inside. Shaking his head he dashed after her, lucky to get the lift just as the doors were opening. He could hear the London escort's laughter as she ran up the stairs. The second the lift opened, he ran along the corridor, reaching the door just as Nora disappeared through it. Sliding along the carpet, he hooked an arm around her slim waist and twirled her to face him. 'You caught me,' murmured Nora, opening her mouth to him when he ducked his head for a long awaited kiss. The hot South Kensington escort pressed her body to his, their cold noses touching, he slipped his hands under her jumper and she squealed at his icy touch. Her hands reached for the lapels of his coat and she pulled him back onto the bed, his body covering hers. They continued to kiss, becoming more and more passionate whilst their hands explored under their clothes. He found her firm breasts, her flat stomach, her smooth thighs. The London escort grasped his ass cheeks before finding his zip and releasing the pressure that had been holding back his erection. His hands pushed her legs apart and held her panties to the side whilst she guided his hard cock into the molten heat of her pussy. 'Oh, yes!' he gasped. Nora wrapped her supple legs around him, pulling him as close as she could. The London escort's fingers massaged the back of his neck whilst she continued to kiss him around small whimpers of pleasure. Their bodies moved together, matching one another's rhythm. His enjoyment building with each thrust. 'It's good to wait,' whispered Nora as her horny body arched and twisted, quivering with the strength of her orgasm. He moaned, feeling his climax rush through his body before spunk shot up his shaft. He had been longing for this moment all afternoon and it was worth every second of frustration. When his breathing reached a manageable level again, he kissed the London escort gently. 'You have led me on a merry old chase today, Goldilocks,' he said, 'But you provided me with the happiest ending I could have hoped for.'


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