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London Callgirl Katya in Halloween Domme Date

The sight of the London escort in her sexy latex witch outfit had made his mouth go dry. The black shiny rubber clung to her slender curves, accentuating every sensual womanly line. Katya's zip was low so that he could feast his eyes on the swell of her breasts and the deep cleavage between the soft flesh. Stockings criss-crossed up her long, toned legs, showing him the naked skin of her inner thighs just below the short skirt of the black latex dress. Vicious spiked heels completed the look. He stood naked, trembling at the foot of the bed while watching the witch walk towards him. Katya's hair was wild, her eyes burning with power and lust. The London escort's musky scent reached his nostrils just before she pushed him back onto the bed. 'So, my pet,' she purred in her sexy accent, 'Let me see what magic I can work with you.' The sexy London escort rolled the latex up her thighs, revealing her shaved pussy. A whimper escaped from his throat - she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Katya straddled his naked body and slid up his torso until her velvet pussy pressed against his lips. The scent of her sex hardened his cock, his balls swelled. His tongue flicked out, stealing a delicious taste. 'More,' demanded Katya. She ground her wet pussy against his face and he licked and kissed for all he was worth, drinking in the powerful lust of the Bayswater escort. She truly was a witch and he was completely under her spell. Pussy juices dripped from his chin, deep groans from Katya drifted to his ears. 'Enough,' she said, pushing his head against the bed and sliding her body down his torso. The rubber dress was slick against his bare skin, the sweat of desire easing her passage. Soft thighs gripped his hips as his straining cock slid into the tight heat of her pussy. He cried out, lost to the magic of her sexual charms. The hot London escort slapped his face. 'You are my pet, you exist for my pleasure,' she reminded him. He looked up at the sexy escort, watching her ride him. The domme date tits were jiggling, her eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted. She then opened her eyes and looked at him with a piercing state - the expression was of primal lust. Grasping his thumb, she pressed it to her clit and began to grind and thrust against it. He lost focus, unable to do anything except hold back the powerful climax that was swelling in his groin. At last, the domme escort cried out and her sexy body stiffened. The London escort's pussy muscles squeezed his dick in a strong rhythm as she gasped, groaned and cried out again, her whole body shuddering. 'Please,' he moaned. The London escort slapped his face, her chest heaving, her breasts rising and falling in post-coital satisfaction. 'Very well, my pet. You've earned your reward.' He released his control, allowing the euphoric wave to fan out through his ravaged body and spunk to power up his cock into her magical curvy body. All contact with the real world was lost and he floated in erotic ecstasy. It felt really good to be under Katya's carnal spell.


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