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Limousine Liaison with Hot Russian Callgirl

He gasped with delight. The Russian London escort was an expert at OWO. Sandrine lifted her head and licked her full lips. His hard dick stood to attention in her small feminine hands, it's entire length glistening with the Russian escort's saliva. She kept her balance as the luxurious limousine took a sharp corner. He reached out a hand and cupped her beautiful face. Soft youthful skin pressed against his large masculine fingers. Picking up her glass, Sandrine took a mouthful of cold champagne. With a sultry quirk of her lips she leant forward and kissed him, passing the cool fizz into his hot mouth. His ardour rose and he returned her kiss with passion. The London escort squealed with pleasure at his response and slid onto his lap, her evening dress hitched up around her narrow waist. They French kissed as the limo continued on its sedate journey through the streets of London. He could feel the smooth skin of her thighs on his and his hands reached for her hips, pulling her pussy against his dick. Sandrine moaned and ground her wet slit along his rigid cock. With a low growl he pulled the top of her dress down, burying his face in her large tits. He squeezed the feminine flesh in his hands. The young Russian escort lifted her hips and slid his dick into her tight wet hole. He gasped and held her close. They rocked in unison with the purr of the limo's engine, his dick sliding in and out of her pussy. Sandrine wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing his face into her tits. He took the hint and sucked on one nipple and then the other. The intensity of her reaction delighted him. He loved to see a woman who enjoyed sex and this gorgeous, busty escort undoubtedly took the utmost pleasure from fucking him. Sandrine's hips flew back and forth. Her curvaceous body drew him deep inside her before leaving him bereft for a millisecond before plunging once again. He could hear little gasps bursting from between her lips with each thrust. Unable to resist those pretty lips, he pulled her mouth down onto his and they kissed, deep and hot. The gorgeous Russian escort's supple thighs gripped him tight and her sexy body twisted. He kept his mouth pressed to hers and held her hips tight, not allowing her to escape the intense onslaught of her orgasm. Sandrine whimpered into their kiss, her pussy muscles cramped and quivered around his dick and still, they fucked. Grabbing her long blonde hair, he pulled her head back and looked into her eyes. She was lost to sexual abandon and barely able to focus. He watched her face as his climax smashed through his body, drawing every ounce of his strength and sending it pumping into her pussy. A flush raced up her cheeks and her eyelids fluttered. He felt her pussy clamp hard around his cock, milking him of every last ounce. When the blood had stopped rushing in his ears, he sat with the blonde Russian escort's body still locked against his. The only sound was their slow and satisfied breathing while the limousine purred on.


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