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Lena the Polish Call Girl Puts on Quite a Show

Today’s date was a little different. Normally Lena the Polish escort was booked by a man to provide pleasure at her Notting Hill flat or at his home or hotel. But today the curvaceous callgirl had been booked by a middle-aged couple. There she was at their home in Chelsea, awaiting instruction. The couple was Mike and Alice. They were apparently regulars of the London escort agency and booked a different girl each week. The pair spoke in hushed tones as the Polish escort sat on the living room sofa. Lena looked down at herself and assessed her choice of outfit. The curvaceous callgirl was wearing a short black skirt and a sexy white low cut halter that showed off her big cleavage. While curvy, she certainly wasn’t big and could still be classed as relatively slim. Yet her curves were in all of the right places, including her full, firm ass. The Polish escort ran her fingers through her long blonde hair and wondered what her outcall clients had in store for her. Just as she was beginning to get wet at the thought of what was to come, Mike and Alice turned to her. As it turned out, they fancied something different from usual.  They requested a show from Lena – the curvaceous callgirl was to pleasure herself in front of them. Lena was used to having a little more interaction with her clients but the thought of them watching her masturbate turned her on. In a twist of events, Mike an Alice stripped off completely which only served to make Lena even more excited. They had decent bodies for their age. Mike was thin but toned and had a lovely long cock. Like Lena, Alice also had some curves and surprisingly big breast with large nipples. The sexy Polish escort reclined back on the sofa as the middle-aged couple took their seats in front of her. Hitching up her skirt, she revealed that she wasn’t wearing any knickers underneath - what a naughty girl! Her pussy glistened with excitement and her outcall clients stared with fascination. It was a beautiful cunt – tight and pink and ready for penetration. Lena ran her hands between her thighs teasingly. The curvaceous callgirl pouted and fluttered her eyelashes. Mike and Alice clearly didn’t have the same self-restraint as the Polish escort as they already had their hands on each other. Alice’s hand was jerking Mike’s long dick while Mike had already begun to rub his wife’s clit. The sexy Polish escort’s fingertips reached her pussy lips. She spread them slightly and revealed the pink, warm interior. So as to add to the sexual intensity, the curvaceous callgirl pulled out her breasts and let them hang free. Next she slowly slid a finger inside her tight wet snatch before withdrawing it and lifting it to her lips. The middle-aged couple obviously liked this as they increased their tempo, gasping as they pleasured each other. Encouraged by their clear enthusiasm, the Polish escort slid a few fingers inside her increasingly wet pussy and began to slide them back and forth. Her big breasts bounced a little as she did so. It was an erotic sight for Mike and Alice who were groaning in sheer pleasure. Lena felt the familiar rush of warmth as the sensations overwhelmed her. She began to finger-fuck herself faster and harder, her hand slapping against her pussy. The curvaceous callgirl’s soaking wet cunt was dripping as the juices ran down from it. She began to moan as she felt her orgasm running through her, thundering like an unstoppable hurricane. The sexy Polish escort’s mind became foggy and sound became distorted as she reached orgasm, her legs twitching with the uncontrollable pleasure. She heard Mike and Alice groaning loudly too and felt some hot, sticky liquid splash against her thighs – Mike’s cum. Lena had put on one hell of a show and loved every second of it. Being a London escort was the best job in the world.


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