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Latin escort massage for busy working man in London

I’d always fantasied about a sexy lady giving me an erotic massage until one day when all my fantasies finally came to life. I had arranged to meet a sexy Latin escort at her in-call apartment for a massage that I would never forget. When she answered her door, she looked stunning, she was wearing a silk dressing gown and I could see her sexy lingerie peaking through the gaps, I couldn’t wait to have her hands all over me. She took me through to her bedroom where she had a massage table laid out, the room was filled with candles and scents and it turned me on to think that this sexy young lady would be rubbing lotions all over my muscles. I had been for massages in the past at professional parlours and it had always turned me on a little too much, so I found myself the perfect escort that would be willing to take my massage to the next level. She began by removing every inch of clothing that I was wearing and then she ordered me to lie on the bed face down. I was eager for her first move and when her hands touched the skin on my back, I felt instantly aroused. He hands glided over my body, down my back, to my waist and over my thighs, the feeling was exquisite, and it was just what I needed after a long week at work. She continued to rub my skin, kneading her hands into my muscles and covering me in a scent that was nothing less than erotic. I felt her move around my body and as I looked down through the hole in the bed I saw her silk dressing gown drop to the floor, I was dying to lift my head up to view what I knew would be a sensational body but I resisted the urge and stayed lay down as I had been instructed to do. My dick was hard, and I needed to turn over for some relief. Luckily it wasn’t long before she was ordering me to turn over. As I lay there flat on my back she climbed on top of my body, her knees were either side of my waist and she got up close and personal to my chest area, she was wearing just her bra and panties. Her tits looked sensational and as she glided her hands up and down my body, they squeezed together to form the most impressive cleavage I had ever seen in my life. She moved lower down my body until my dick was between her hands, she glided the oils up and down my cock and I thought I was going to cum from just that. “I think you are in need of a tongue massage”, she said to me seductively as she moved herself to lower her mouth over my cock. Suddenly my dick was down her throat, she was massaging my cock with her mouth, sucking me in and out of her and pumping me with her hands as she went. I was completely overwhelmed by the sensation; my body was in pure lust and I knew I needed to cum all over her. She knew it too, she sucked on my cock harder, twisting it around her fingers and covering it with her saliva as she pushed it deeper down her throat. My body exploded into orgasm; I felt my dick pulsing cum straight to the back of her sexy throat as she drank it all up. It was the best massage of my life and now whenever I’m having back troubles, instead of an ordinary masseuse, I go for someone who provides the whole service.


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