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Latin Businessman and His Two Escorts - Part 1

I often have to travel around the world on business. As such, I visit many of the world's greatest cities on my own. I have lots of meetings and dinners but when the night is over and I'm sat alone in my hotel room it can get lonely. Sometimes I crave the company of one or perhaps two escorts. I must say I have enjoyed my fair share of experienced with escorts worldwide. The standard of escorts varies throughout the world but I have to say that the escorts in London are generally the best. I've spent a lot of time thinking about why this is but it's hard to put my finger on. In general, they just seem to be the prettiest and most skilled. I suppose it helps that there are women from all around the world in that great city. I have a wife who is dark-haired. However I've always had a thing for blonde women - largely because they have always been unattainable for me. So when I'm away and in need of company I always go for blonde escort girls. I was in London last week and couldn't decide between two escorts who were both blonde that I had met on previous visits. I always booked through an escort agency I trusted as they were known for being discrete - plus they were able to attract the hottest escort girls around! When I rang up and spoke to the booking agent I asked which of the two escorts was available and as it happened both were! But who would I choose? The nice lady on the phone suggested that I book the two escorts as a duo. I had never had two escorts at once before so I decided to go for it! This was exciting! I knew both girls were hot and great girls to spend time with. I arranged to visit one of the girls incall apartments in central London. I had been there before - it was conveniently just around the corner from my hotel. There was also enough room for the two escorts and I to move around as much as we wanted! So I showered and changed into some nice clothes so as to impress the beautiful blondes when I arrived. I got there a few minutes early and waited outside to make sure I was dead on time - I didn't want to catch the two escorts off guard and unprepared! I knocked loudly and was surprised to see the door answered by the two escorts! They were draped around each other and had obviously started already as they were both semi naked! I was keen to join in and almost ran into the room to get started. I noticed their clothes on the floor and before I knew it they lunged at me and began to tear off my clothes. Soon all three of us were topless and cavorting on the floor! I sat on the edge of the bed and was about to lie down when one blonde escort sat behind me and started to rub my shoulders whilst the other one sat on the floor by my feet. She then took off my shoes and socks and set to work on my feet. I expected a foot massage to tickle but she had applied lotion and worked it slowly into my feet. Her hands moved expertly, each finger pressing into the deep tissue areas and then softly massaging my toes.Who knew a foot massage could be so erotic? Meanwhile the other blonde was softly massaging my shoulders and down my back. The sensation was heavenly - these two escorts were clearly experts! All of a sudden, the blonde who was massaging my back ran her hands over my chest and down to my stomach. Those hands were getting dangerously to my crotch! She began to undo my belt and then opened up my trousers. On seeing this, the other escort who had been massaging my feet pulled at the bottom of my trousers and slid them off before throwing them across the room. She then reached up, grabbed my boxers, and yanked at them hard. She ushered me to lift my ass so that she could remove them too. I was pleased to do so and watched as they sailed through the air to join my trousers. The two escorts pushed me back onto the bed and my cock stood tall, sticking up like a flagpost. One of my blonde escorts climbed above my head and lowered herself down onto my face. Her pussy was already soaking wet and pressed against my mouth as she started to grind hard on my face. I adventurously stuck my tongue out and slipped it inside her. I licked as if my life depended on it - I didn't have much choice since she had pinned me down with her pussy on my face. The other escort had lowered herself onto my cock in the reverse cowgirl position and was leaning back with her hands behind her on my chest. She had my cock deep inside her and it seemed she was trying to snap it by leaning backwards as much as she could. She was writhing up and down my shaft as she leaned back and it was such a turn on. It was hard to know what to think about; the blonde girl on my cock or the other on my face! I decided to just go with it and let the sex with the two escorts take its course. The two escorts were both moaning loudly and gyrating wildly so much so that I thought they were both going to cum soon, covering me in their love juices. I was close to climax myself and started to move my hips up and down in rhythm with the girl riding me so that my cock plunged deeper inside her. The blonde escort girl on my face was ready and I could feel moisture trickling into my mouth, could taste her sex juice on my tongue. This was so hot that it finally made me cum hard. As I did, the blonde cowgirl joined me in a cum fest. We all flopped onto the bed exhausted. I was out of breath from the exercise and the great efforts I'd made to both fuck one blonde escort and eat out the other blonde callgirl at the same time! I went to the bathroom and washed my face to get some semblance of reality back. I then wandered back into the bedroom to see the two escorts playing again on the bed! These two were insatiable! It seemed that round 2 had already begun!


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