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Latex Watersports Fun For Venezuelan Call Girl

Larna loved her latex dress. The Venezuelan escort ran her hands over the shiny material. It was so slippery and so tight-fitting. She adored the way that it clung to her incredible curves like a second skin while the smell of the rubber was just so erotic. Most of all, she delighted in the effect that it had on her date. The Venezuelan escort looked amazing and no man could fail to be filled with lust at the sight of her. He hadn't been able to keep his hands off her from the moment he'd arrived. Larna had already given him the most incredible OWO and now he was ready to get her shiny latex all messy. Her pussy tingled at the thought of what they were about to do. A black rubber sheet lay across the floor. The Kensington escort lay down on the smooth material. She spread her arms wide and raised her long legs at the knee, pointing her toes. An awe-filled gasp alerted the Venezuelan escort to how sexy she looked. She smiled and pushed her latex encased breasts higher into the air. Her head tipped back with her dark hair spreading across the rubber sheet. 'Beautiful,' he said, 'Just beautiful.' Larna wriggled her shapely body with pleasure. The beautiful London escort looked up at him as he moved into position. His masculine legs straddled her feminine hips, the latex showing off her curves to perfection. Her heart was beating fast and her pussy was throbbing. 'Open your legs a bit,' he said. The sexy Venezuelan escort pressed her shapely thighs against the restraining latex and forced them apart. Cool air fanned her hot pussy. She watched as he pressed down his growing erection. 'It's getting hot in here,' he said, 'Time to cool off.' With that he released a long stream of golden piss. It splashed over her latex covered body, sliding in smooth droplets into pools on the rubber sheet. Larna gasped at the sensation and laughed in pleasure. The golden shower sprinkled over the swell of her cleavage, the primal scent filling the room. With a satisfied groan, her date finished pissing and dropped to the rubber sheet. His hands slid over her wet, slippery latex dress. Larna noticed with pleasure that his cock was fully hard again. The beautiful Venezuelan escort pushed her thighs wider in invitation and he accepted. They fucked in latex on the rubber sheet that was still slippery with piss. Larna loved her latex dress and she adored watersports.


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