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A Lithuanian Callgirl Learns a New Language

Elena was a Lithuanian escort. Fresh from Vilnius, she'd signed up with a London escort agency as soon as she'd arrived so she could earn some money doing what she did best - having sex. The young bisexual callgirl's only problem was her language skills. She'd had English lessons at school back home but simply hadn't had much practice. The boss of her escort agency promised to find her a friendly regular client for her first outcall appointment who would teach her some of the right terminology for her new career! So here she was standing in front of David in the master bedroom of his house. He was indeed a very friendly-looking man. Elena stood there nervously and awaited instruction. "I hear you're in need of some language lessons?" asked David. "Yes, it's correct," replied the young Lithuanian escort. "Is it possible that you could help me?" "Of course it is, darling. But first of all you must kneel down in front of me." Elena, being eager to impress both her first outcall client and the escort agency, did as she was told. "Okay," said David, unzipping his trousers, "here's your first English word." He took out his manhood, which was swelling and growing at the sight of the sexy escort kneeling in front of him. "Repeat after me. Cock." "Cock," said Elena, carefully, enjoying the harsh syllable. She knew from learning other languages that words were more memorable when associated with an action. David groaned as his erection was pulled down into the young Lithuanian call girl's throat. She might not be very good at English, but her OWO was superb. She pulled it nearly all the way out again, then in one huge suck took it down deep so that it touched the back of her throat. David, in grave danger of coming too soon, pulled his manhood out of her mouth. "Stand up," he said. She did so. "Take off all your clothes, please." A minute later the bisexual Lithuanian escort had shuffled out of her smart clothes and sexy underwear, and was standing naked in front of her outcall client. Her young nipples were erect, and David could see that her pussy was glistening with excitement. He reached between her legs, and slid the forefinger of his right hand inside her. "This," he said, wiggling his finger around so that the dark-eyed Eastern European escort gasped, "is your pussy." "Pussy," she repeated, before giggling. "Can you think of a sentence that uses both new words; cock and pussy?" "Hmmm." Elena thought hard, then spoke falteringly: "I...I want your cock on my pussy?" David laughed. "Nearly! Try again!" "I want your my pussy!" "Of course you do, sweetheart." Pulling his finger from her tight snatch, David put his hands underneath her bottom and lifted her up. Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around his neck to steady herself. She felt herself being lowered on to the throbbing stiffness below. "Say it again, please", came the instruction from her client. "I want your cock in my pussy!", gasped the Lithuanian escort girl. He let her petite body drop, and she felt his hard length penetrate her. She gasped. Still holding the teenage call girl, David began to thrust his pelvis to allow his cock to bury itself deeper and deeper inside. "Now you have to say the following: fuck me harder". Elena didn't need much explanation of what that phrase meant, or much encouragement to use it. "Fuck me harder! Harder!" David let them tumble on to the bed. Still holding his hands under her perfect arse, he began to pound away, deep inside her pussy. She gasped, and fought for breath. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" David was an expert. In one swift movement, he rolled her over. He reached over to the bedside table for a tube of lubricant. Taking a big dollop on his finger, he placed it her anus, so that it would instantaneously lubricate his shaft as he plunged inside her back passage. Bracing his hands against her shoulders, he taught her the next most important phrase for a Lithuanian escort in London to know: "Repeat after me: fuck me up the ass." The words sounded funny, and Elena giggled as she began to speak: "Fuck me up the..." but her giggle turned to an groan as she felt David's prick penetrate deep her rectum. Moving his left hand to the back of her neck, he reached down with his right, underneath her body. In moments the tip of his finger was on her clit, circling and rubbing the wet button. He angled his torso down and whispered the final, vital phrase in her ear. As her body began to buck and writhe beneath him she cried out: "I'm coming! I'm coming!" The sexy escort girl's body stiffened, and went limp. A moment later David came himself, feeling the warm spurt of a big load of cum shoot out of his engorged cock. He lay down on top of her. The outcall appointment time wasn't up - and when they both recovered he'd have a lot more vocabulary to teach the her. So far she was proving herself to be an excellent student!


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