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The Kensington Call Girl

The Kensington escort girl Selena loved entertaining at her incall apartment. She lay on the bed with her sexy legs wide open so that he could have a good view. Naked apart from the high heels that he loved so much, her entire gorgeous body was on display for him to feast his hungry eyes upon. Her pert breasts pointed towards the ceiling, her nipples dark and hard in their aroused state. A large dildo was in her small feminine hand. He sat on a comfortable chair and looked straight down between her legs. Her neatly shaved pussy looked back at him. She was wet. She knew that she was wet because showing off for him was a huge turn on for her. Just to be certain of her sexual arousal, the naughty Kensington escort ran a well manicured finger over her exposed clit, slid it between her pussy lips and slipped it inside her tight hole. Oh, yes, she was very wet. Unable to resist a taste, she slipped her finger between her full lips and sucked it clean. The erotic taste of her sex only served to flame her lust. A strangled groan from his chair turned her on even more. Her fingers spread her pussy lips, giving him an uninterrupted view. She peeked at him from between her toned legs. His eyes were fixed on her and his erection was unmistakable. This was what he liked and giving him what he liked was what turned her on the most. The beautiful Kensington escort from Eastern Europe watched him through dark sultry eyes as she pressed the dildo against the glistening entrance to her pussy. He took in a sharp intake of breath and leaned forward in anticipation. Her heart fluttered and her pussy tightened in response to his reaction. She pushed the dildo inside her, her soft flesh yielding to its penetration as she gasped with pleasure. The dildo slid deeper. It was incredible how such a slim body could take so much. She saw his hand drop to his hard cock. The sight of his arousal and the knowledge that she was the cause of it made her body twist with erotic pleasure. She thrust the dildo in and out. Now pounding the Kensington escort's pussy, she enjoyed the splashing sounds that let him know how aroused he had got her. Little gasps escaped from her throat as her lithe body writhed on the bed. She heard the slapping sound of his hand on his dick. Her nipples hardened and ached in response. The chair scraped across the floor as he moved nearer for a better look. He would be able to smell her sex whilst he watched the dildo sliding in and out of her tight wet pussy. His hand continued to slap up and down the length of his swollen cock. The Kensington escort could hear him gasping for breath. Her thrusting got faster and her pussy began to tremble. Watching him, she waited for the moment that would bring forth her orgasm. His face contorted, his hand movement became jerky and then the spunk burst forth, shooting out in white ribbons. Pleasure burst through her, pulsing from her pussy and consuming every inch of her beautiful body.


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