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Kate the Sexy Young Vixen

Danny was a winner in life. A trader in the City, he had friends, good looks and more money than he knew what to do with. It was a good thing money was no problem, since he also loved sex, and liked to have it as often as he could with as many different women as possible. This time it was going to be with a sexy vixen! Being rich, good-looking and confident meant that Danny never had problems attracting women. But the nature of his high-pressure job meant that it was often simpler and less time-consuming to hire a sexy London escort girl or two. Danny didn't mind this - he had loads of cash and gorgeous escorts were plentiful in London. He reckoned he could have an incall or outcall appointment with a different escort every day for a year or more if he wanted. He didn't know it, but today Danny was going to meet his match. He'd found a new, sexy young escort girl on the website. Kate was nineteen years old, new to escorting, and - if her pictures were anything to go by - extremely cute indeed. She was of average height with a slim figure and perfect C-cup breasts. Her cheeky little smile suggested something of a sexy vixen lay behind the innocent face. Kate responded to the buzzer of her Kensington incall apartment quickly, as if she could barely wait to meet her client. She was even cuter in the flesh than her website photos had suggested. The sexy vixen was dressed down in a tight white t-shirt and skinny jeans. Danny was used to horny London escort girls who didn't bother with pleasantries, but even he was taken aback by the vigour with which the teenage incall escort immediately attacked his body. As soon as the door was closed she threw one arm around her incall client's neck and pulled his head down so she could kiss him passionately on the lips. Her other hand felt for the bulge in his suit trousers and within seconds her expert fingers had his fly open and his stiff cock out. As she continued to kiss Danny, Kate wrapped the palm of her hand around his shaft, appreciating the length and girth that would soon be inside her. Abruptly, the horny young brunette escort pulled her lips away from Danny's and began to slowly walk backwards into her bedroom. She didn't break eye-contact, and she didn't let go of his cock. Instead, Danny felt himself being gently guided by his shaft towards Kate's bed. This only had the effect of making him harder. He had expected the young brunette escort to fall back onto the bed - the ideal position for him to take charge and begin the process of fucking her. But that wasn't the way it worked out. Danny felt himself artfully swung round so that he lost his balance and fall backwards, across the narrow bed. Kate stayed standing only long enough to wriggle out of her jeans, before jumping onto the bed and sitting astride her client. Danny was quickly realising that he had booked the wildest sexy vixen he'd ever met, and he was about to get the fuck of his life. It was coming sooner than he expected, too - as soon as she had climbed aboard, Danny had noticed that Kate wasn't wearing anything under her jeans. He looked down to see a thin, short strip of pubic hair decorating her neat, smooth pussy. Pausing for only a second, she drove down hard on his long cock so that Danny felt himself engulfed by the warmest, wettest and tighest pussy he'd ever felt. Despite the fact that he'd made no effort at foreplay - he'd barely been given the chance, after all - Kate was as dripping wet as if he'd been licking her pussy for twenty minutes. The sexy vixen bounced on his cock while she locked her eyes with his. As she rode her client's cock, the escort pulled her t-shirt over her head and tore off the bra underneath so that her perfect 34C boobs were given free rein to bounce with their owner. As he was ridden, Danny reached up and began to rub his fingers around each of Kate's nipples. Both were close to coming. Kate rode Danny even harder as he began to thrust upwards to meet her tight young pussy. She threw her head back and began to orgasm. She cried out and shrieked as she came and came again. At the sight of this Danny couldn't contain himself any longer and he came hard, deep inside the wetness of the horny escort's snatch. There may be thousands of escort girls in London, but Danny knew he would be coming back to this one time and time again!


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