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The Kinky Escort Girl and the Candle

It would be fair to say that Karen had a kinky imagination. That in itself was hardly uncommon among girls in her profession - she was a high class London escort girl with one of the major escort agencies in the city. Yet it was widely known that the kinky callgirl topped most escort girls when it came to the sheer variety she brought to the business of sexual pleasure. There wasn't much she hadn't tried with her various incall and outcall clients: OWO, anal, BDSM - you name it. She particularly loved the feeling of having her pussy stretched and deeply penetrated, whether by a client's long cock - or by something else altogether! Fortunately, Karen's London escort agency set her up with several clients who were just as kinky as she was, and more than willing to help her indulge and develop some of her deepest fantasies. One of her favourite clients was Roy, a well built and muscular guy in his early forties, who had been in the army before launching his business career. He was endowed with a very long cock which Karen was always very enthusiastic to accommodate. Roy most often called Karen's escort agency to book a daytime outcall appointment, which would take place at his flat in the West End. However, on this particular day he broke his habit and invited the kinky callgirl around for a couple of hours in the evening. When Karen arrived, Roy's luxury West End flat was dimly lit. She had dressed for the occasion, wearing a tight-fitting black cocktail dress. Just 23 years old, Karen was slim and sexy and had a pronounced bust. Her cheeky yet friendly face was framed by her medium-length blonde hair. Underneath her sexy dress she was wearing naked - the fewer obstacles her clients had to driving their cocks inside her, the happier she was! Roy was rather old-fashioned when it came to dealing with ladies. Welcoming her with a smile, he gave her a peck of the cheeky and a perfectly chilled glass of champagne. They sat on the sofa for a while and simply chatted. This was the first time the kinky callgirl had actually seen it at night, so she was fascinated to see the way he'd lit the place. Karen mentioned her admiration of the candles to Roy, who walked over to one of the candles on the other side of the room, blew it out and lifted it from its holder. She took and ran her hands up and down its firm length. At that moment her eyes met Roy's, and suddenly the kinky young callgirl was having the same naughty thought that he was. The pair of them didn't need to say anything. In an unspoken moment they agreed exactly what was to happen next. Karen slumped back gently on the sofa. Roy, moving closer, began to ease her thighs apart. Her beautifully shaved pussy was now exposed to Roy's delighted gaze. He didn't bother warming up the sexy young London escort in any way - he knew she would be perfectly wet enough without his intervention. Instead, he placed the thick end of the candle against her pussy lips. Spreading them with his fingers to achieve a clear thrust, he began to ease the thick wax candle deep into the kinky callgirl's dripping cunt. She gasped in pleasure as she felt the long, thick shaft penetrate her tight wet pussy and begin to fill her up. Roy just kept on pushing, forcing the candle deeper inside her until it was actually spreading her pussy lips further apart than they'd ever been spread before. Satisfied that the candle could go no further - he'd got about eight inches of it inside her - Roy began to thrust it back and forth, fucking the horny and sexy young escort with the massive length. He knew that would be enough by itself to make her come, but Roy didn't stop there. Bending his head down, he began to lick and tease Karen's clitoris. In a moment she was coming - it felt like she was being fucked by the biggest cock in the world, a sensation heightened by the fact that her impending orgasm only led Roy to fuck her with the candle even harder. The kinky callgirl shuddered and gasped as he finally withdrew the candle. She knew his cock would be next!


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