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Sexy Roleplay With an Experienced Escort

Juliet was an experienced callgirl, though to look at her you wouldn't think it. Her short brown hair, blue eyes and slim, girlish body made her look more like a shy girl next door than the horny and sexy London incall and outcall escort that she was. Perhaps it was the girlish, innocent look that had made Paul book her. He had apparently specified to the escort agency that he wanted a submissive escort girl who was willing to indulge in a little sexy roleplay. Although Juliet could be a dominant and horny mistress when she pleased, she preferred being submissive - and she loved sexy roleplay! But she wasn't quite sure what was happening when Paul arrived at her central London incall flat. He came with a bagful of things, and a dry-cleaning bag which held a freshly laundered outfit of some kind. As it turned out, it was a maid's uniform. Paul explained that his fantasy was to have sex with the sort of innocent and friendly girl that works as a waitress in a tea shop. Juliet went into her bedroom to change into it. Then the experienced callgirl set up a small table in the middle of her living room. Paul had brought with him everything she needed, down to a menu card, cutlery, tea and cake. They began the sexy roleplay fantasy. Paul sat at the table, and read the menu card. After a few moments the experienced callgirl walked over to him and asked him if he would like to order. He asked for a cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake. As she wrote down what he wanted on her pad, she noticed his hand disappear beneath the table cloth to massage what the sexy young escort imagined was a growing erection. 'Will that be all, sir?' she asked, putting the tip of her pencil teasingly between her sexy white teeth. 'Yes. Thank you, young lady.' The sexy roleplay continued. She served him tea and cake, which he ate. When he had finished, the experienced callgirl walked over to him once again. 'Was that nice, sir?' 'Yes, thank you my dear. It was lovely.' 'Will there be anything else?' She shifted her weight on to one foot so that her hips swung sexily at about his eye-level. 'Hmm...actually there is. But it doesn't seem to be on the menu.' 'Don't worry about that, sir,' said the experienced callgirl. She was becoming quite aroused at the roleplay. 'Just ask, and I'll do my best to arrange it for you.' 'Ah, good,' he said. 'I like enthusiastic service.' Juliet giggled, girlishly. 'In that case, I think I'll have some anal sex, please.' 'Certainly sir. Although I'm not very experienced...' The sexy and horny incall escort girl did her best to look shy and nervous, though in truth she was desperate to take her client's cock deep inside her tight young arse. 'Don't worry about that, my girl - I'll make sure you do it properly! I'm something of an expert.' 'How would you like me, sir?' asked the horny escort. 'Bent over the table, please. Naked, if you don't mind.' Juliet didn't mind at all. She quickly stripped herself out of the maid's uniform. As instructed by her escort agency, she wasn't wearing really glamorous underwear underneath - just the kind of bra and knickers that an 18-year-old girl might wear while doing her Saturday job. Still in her underwear, she cleared the cups and saucers off the table so that she had a free space in which to lie. Then the experienced callgirl went to a drawer, and pulled out a tube of lubricant before placing it on the table. 'Perhaps you'll find it easier if you use that lubricant, sir. Now, would you like to take off my bra and pants, or shall I do it?' Paul stood up, revealing that he'd already got his hard cock out of his trousers. Juliet noticed that it was a very satisfactory seven inches, and hoped there would be time to take it in her pussy after her client had given it to her in the arse. He took off her bra so that her large young breasts were free. Feeling them briefly, and apparently liking what he felt, he reached down and pulled down her knickers. The cute and horny young London incall call girl did as she had been instructed, and bent over the table. She felt him spread her arse cheeks. She shivered as he placed a dollop of cool lubricant right on her tight asshole. Then came his cock. He made no attempt to be gentle, correctly judging that Juliet was used to taking cock up her arse. He sank in all the way. She loved the full feeling that having a cock penetrating her anus gave her. He began to fuck the horny escort girl hard in the arse, holding on to her hips and pumping for all he was worth. Being a truly submissive escort, Juliet simply took the long cock obediently. As she sensed that he was close to orgasm, she spoke: 'Please sir, fill me up. Fill me up with your cum,' Paul did so - the hot, sticky juice squirting hard from the tip of his penis. 'Thank you, sir,' said the experienced callgirl. 'Thank you very much.' In many ways, the sexy escort was like a waitress herself - she just loved giving good service.


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