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Jonathan’s welcome encounter in Earls Court

Jonathan didn’t get to London that much. It was only as and when work required him to be there. He was a printer from Yorkshire, but he sometimes had to go and give his companies customers some face time meetings, just to keep them happy. When he went to London he would always make good use of the escorting options available to him. He was a single man in his early 30s and had no emotional commitments to anyone at home, so he never had any moral crisis in choosing to spend the night with a London escort when he was in town. It was one of his guilty pleasures. He was going to see a client in the Gloucester Road area on this particular visit, and they were having dinner in a nice steak restaurant he’d been to a couple of times in the past. Steak and Co he believed it was called. They let you cook your steak on a hot stone at the table and they served some really nice steak sauces. Jonathan was almost as passionate about steak as he was about young escorts! He remembered the last time he came to this restaurant. He stayed in a hotel literally around the corner. Not a very good one, but it was in his pretty tight budget. His boss Brian liked him to go to London for the meetings because he didn’t have to, but he was overly keen on spending a fortune on Jonathan’s overnight expenses! The hotel didn’t have any air conditioning and it wasn’t the cleanest. Luckily for Jonathan, he didn’t spend too much time in it. His dinner meeting had gone on until late, he’d had plenty to drink and he’d gone to see a local Gloucester Road escort before going back to his hotel. He didn’t get back until past two in the morning. Suffice to say that he had a very sleepy journey back the next day! It didn’t matter too much to him, because he always had a wonderful time. He always felt so comfortable with the different women he spent his evenings with when he was in London, and they always seemed to enjoy his company too. He was a likable guy. Never really pursued women as such, but that didn’t matter to him, because he liked the life he had. It was damn sure he wasn’t going to meet and spend any amount of time with beautiful Russian girls in their 20s back in Yorkshire! If they were there, they weren’t anywhere he could find them! Anyway, on this particular evening, he wasn’t staying in Gloucester Road, he was staying in Earls Court instead. It was a last-minute booking and he couldn’t get where he usually liked to stay, so he took what was on offer. Earls Court was nice, and they had some lovely cafes where he enjoyed to have his breakfast the following day, so he didn’t mind too much. Besides, he knew he could go and visit an Earls Court escort on the way back to his hotel. There were always plenty of them there, and he had a couple of agency numbers in his phone. He didn’t even check the websites of these agencies, he just called them and asked for a girl available in Earls Court, or wherever he was at the time. He liked the surprise! However, after dinner and all the business chat was over, his colleague decided to accompany him back to Earls Court for a drink before heading home. His name was Dave and he was quite a nice guy too. About Jonathan’s age, into girls just as much and liked to drink! Jonathan felt as though Dave probably saw escorts too, but it’s not something you ask another man unless you really know him. It pissed Jonathan off a little because, although he wasn’t too bothered what time he went around to see an escort, he had a lot to do the following morning and didn’t want to be to beat. But Dave was insistent and badgered him into going to Eclipse, which was a little out of his way, but when he got there he was very pleased he went. The whole place was crawling with beautiful women! They were young, sexy, and it seemed as though there were about five times the number of girls in there than guys. It only took around 10 mins to get served, and by the time they took a seat, they were joined by three girls like they were in a strip club or something! Jenny, Jessica and Anna were the girls, and they were on their last night in London, and they were clearly having a good last night. Jenny was clearly instantly attracted to Jonathan, and he was her. She was blonde, about 25 years old, with a pair of boobs you’d just like to bury your head in! Jonathan didn’t really chat women up in bars, but it seemed as though Jenny was going to do all the work on this occasion. “So, Jonathan, do you want to come with me?” She said over everyone else’s conversation “erm… Sure, why not,” he replied. He was already a little drunk anyway, and it seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to ask. He looked over at Dave in surprise as he rose from his seat. Dave winked his approval and off he went. In no time at all Jonathan found himself in the female toilets, in a cubicle, kissing Jenny hard on the mouth. He felt his way around to her ass, and this felt just as perfect as he imagined her boobs to be. She was wearing a glittery blue low cut and very short mini dress, so he had no trouble at all getting one hand up the back and one hand down the front! It was perfect, and it was passionate. She didn’t allow him to grope her for too long however, before she dropped to her knees and gave him the blow job of his life! Seriously, Jonathan had never had an experience like it in his entire life. Then as quickly as she’d swallowed his load, stood up and kissed him, she was gone! He went back to his table after adjusting himself, expecting to find her there with a smile on her face, but instead he found no-one at all. Even Dave had gone. Perhaps he’d gotten lucky with Jessica or Anna? Perhaps Jenny had done it for a bet with her friends? He had no idea. He wandered back to his hotel, somewhat in shock. He no longer had the energy or aptitude to book an escort in Earls Court, he just wanted his bed. But as he lay there on his hotel bed, he missed his escorting experience and decided to just browse the website whilst he drifted off to sleep. And there on the Earls Court escorts page of his favourite agency site, was Jenny! He couldn’t believe it. She was called Tina on the website. Jonathan had actually managed to have a brief escort experience anyway, but he didn’t spend a penny!


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