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The Best GFE Experience

Don was a pretty straight-to-the-point kind of guy. Although he lived the high life in London these days, he'd made his money in scrap metal all over the UK. He was a tall, broad and muscular man. Strangely, although he'd lived in London for a while, he hadn't picked up too many southern tastes or habits apart from his hiring of top GFE escorts! He drank beer rather than wine, preferred shepherd's pie to sushi and generally didn't have much time for the wet ways of southerners. Don's one weakness was for sexy London incall and outcall female escorts. And because he had plenty of money, this was a weakness he indulged in quite often! His particular pleasure was spending time with young blonde, brunette or redhead escorts who hadn't been in the business very long. He liked their combination of nervous innocence and determination to satisfy the clients their escort agencies has sent them out out to see. As such, he made a point of surfing the websites of his favourite London escort agencies for twenty minutes every day so he could spot young GFE escorts who were new to the profession. On one particular day, Don had struck gold. On the website of one London escort agency he regularly used, there was a new girl and she was just nineteen years old. Her name was Jenny. She was five foot six, and she had brown shoulder-length hair, a cute face with high cheekbones and a curvy 36D size 10 figure. Best of all, she had the cutest and cheekiest smile that Don had ever seen. Within thirty seconds of discovering Jenny's profile, Don was on the phone to the escort agency. The receptionist told him that Jenny was indeed a brand new escort - like so many, she was a student trying to earn some extra cash doing something she loved. She was available for both incalls and outcalls. Don booked an outcall, and asked the receptionist to send Jenny around right away. He jumped in the shower, and within moments of his getting out - he was still wearing a dressing gown - the doorbell was rung. Upon opening the door to the GFE escort, Don discovered that if anything, she was even sexier than her escort agency photos! Leading the cute and horny young escort up to his bedroom, Don established that he was doubly lucky: not only was Jenny brand new to escorting, but this was her first ever assignment. To do her credit, the sexy young brunette escort girl didn't seem in the least nervous. She was smiling, and Don began to realise that she was actually looking forward to her induction into the world of high class London escort girls. Don enjoyed a girlfriend experience with his escort girls, so in true GFE style he took Jenny by the shoulder and began to kiss her. She kissed back and to his surprise, reached inside his dressing gown and immediately took hold of his cock, which had wasted no time in growing long and strong. When Jenny felt the full, impressive length unfold in her hand she broke off kissing and looked at Don with an expression of surprise and delight on her face. The busty young escort was wearing a t-shirt which Don soon pulled over her head to reveal a lacy black bra. As has previously been observed, Don was a guy who didn't mess about, so the bra quickly came off, followed by her cute checked skirt and black panties. In turn, she reached up and pushed Don's dressing gown over his shoulders, so they were standing facing each other naked. A second later they had crashed on to the bed and were kissing passionately. Don felt the sexy young student escort girl's hands moving all over his body. This was certainly one novice female escort who didn't lack confidence. One thing she did lack, however, was experience of anal sex. So the outcall client was quite surprised when he tried to push his cock into her wet snatch and she gently took it in her hand and guided it towards her anus instead. 'Please?' she whispered, 'I've never done it like this before...' Don was only too happy to oblige. However, he knew that penetrating the inexperienced arse of the young GFE callgirl was going to need more lubrication - if he was to have the honour of being the first man up there, he wanted to make it an easy and pleasant experience for her. While Jenny turned to lie on her front, he reached over to the bedside drawer and retrieved a tube of lubricant. Applying a dab of it to her anus he lined up his cock and began to ease in. Jenny began to breathe quickly as the tip of Don's cock entered her tight arse. He knew that the important bit was to get the head of his cock in, then everything else would be easier. After a few seconds, and with a low moan from Jenny, in it popped. Don enjoyed the tight sensation and proceeded to thrust in as far as he could up the young escort girl's arse. She was clearly the type of incall and outcall escort who drew as much pleasure from anal as from vaginal stimulation. Within a few minutes she was panting hard, and began to moan as Don reached underneath her body and cupped one of her large, soft young breasts in his hand. He used his other hand to hold on to her hip, and set about finishing her off. The busty young anal escort came, and reached round to kiss Don just at the moment he unloaded his cum into her tight young arsehole. Jenny smiled - this was certainly one training session she'd remember for some time to come!


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