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Jenna Does What Earls Court Call Girls Do Best

She had only been working for the high class escort agency for a few weeks and she already felt like the most experienced of escorts in Earls Court. In reality, Jenna was a teen escort with the body to match. The petite brunette had small pert breasts while her little ass was shaped just like a heart. Her slender frame combined with her somewhat provocative style of dressing gave her the appearance of a naughty London schoolgirl. Today Jenna was on an outcall appointment at a central London hotel. Her outcall client was Ivan, an Eastern European man in London on business. He had seen the Earls Court escort’s profile on the London escort agency website and instantly wanted her. This was hardly surprising since the teen escort was already one of the most popular of Earls Court escorts. Her young body and youthful personality were ideal for fun-filled dates of non-stop sex. So there the teen escort was, performing hot OWO on her Eastern European outcall client. The young, petite brunette was wearing a super short denim skirt that revealed her white cotton panties underneath as she bent over and gave her London client head. Jenna had been wearing a top but this had quickly been discarded in her outcall client’s enthusiasm to suck on her tiny titties. Young Earls Court escorts such as Jenna gave the best blowjobs in London. The secret to their success was their sheer enthusiasm. The sexy petite brunette ran her tongue up and down his meaty shaft. When she reached the tip of his penis, Jenna tickled it gently with the tip of her tongue before plunging her mouth around it, gripping tightly with her soft, full lips. The sound of the Earls Court escort’s sucking and slurping filled the room. Saliva began to trickle out of Jenna’s mouth as she began to gag. Her London client had begun to thrust his hard dick in and out of her throat and she wanted to take it. Her petite breasts bounced back and forth with the rhythm and one of her hands wandered to her white cotton panties beneath her denim skirt. Slowly but surely, the hot teen escort began to rub her clit underneath her knickers. It would have been so tempting to fuck herself silly with her fingers but Earls Court escorts such as Jenna knew to have patience. Sure enough, Jenna’s London outcall client was soon panting with his impending ejaculation ever nearing. Keen to feel big dick before he released his seed, the petite brunette escort slid down her panties and straddled the Eastern European client. Still wearing her skirt, the Earls Court outcall escort grasped the meaty package in one hand and guided it straight into her tight wet pussy. Both the sexy Earls Court escort and her Eastern European client moaned in unison as they both experienced the pleasure of being locked together. Earls Court escorts knew how to milk a cock and the teen escort was no different. Lifting her hips up, she slammed back down on the cock and did so again and again. The sexy brunette was now bouncing up and down hard, her client’s balls slapping against her as she felt his dick deep inside. Jenna’s small tits bounced as she fucked her client with wild abandon, keen for them to both cum hard as soon as possible. She needed his cum inside her, needed to feel the rush of semen fill her entirely. At the same time, the petite outcall escort wanted nothing more than to cum all over him. In fact, her tight snatch was already dripping enthusiastically. They moaned and groaned together before they came hard. He thrashed around as he tried to contain himself, but his need for release was just too great. The power with which the Eastern European businessman’s cum hit the teen escort's cunt was incredible and enough to make her join him, her pussy quivering as she fell into an abyss of pure bliss.


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