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Jack's Call Girl Interview Scoop

Being a journalist is not the easiest job in the world - in fact sometimes it can be an enormous challenge. However, most of the people who work in the profession are driven and committed, determined to do a good job even in the most trying circumstances. Jack Anderson was one such person. He worked for a major national newspaper - a quality publication that contained serious news and analysis for educated readers. Jack's particular speciality was articles on life and society. His current assignment interested him: he had been despatched by his editor to carry out an escort interview. The editor wanted a piece for next weekend's Saturday Magazine about what it was like to earn a living as a callgirl in the city of London. After searching the Internet for an hour, Jack found an escort girl he thought would make for a good escort interview. The deal was a simple: Jack's editor would provide sufficient cash for Jack to hire the chosen escort for two hours. Rather than getting up to naughty fun and games, Jack would use the time to interview the girl. On the other hand, Jack was only human. The girl he chose was exactly the type he liked. Her name was Sally, and she was a slim and petite blonde. Although she was not as busty as some other London escort girls, he could tell from her photos and description that she was a cheeky and experienced girl. Jack justified his choice to himself by reasoning he was more likely to strike up a good rapport with someone he found attractive. When Jack arrived at Sally's incall flat in Mayfair for the escort interview he was, first of all, a little taken aback by the fact that Sally was even more attractive in the flesh than she was in her photographs. He had heard that this was a common experience among regular clients of escort girls. The second thing that he wasn't prepared for was that Sally immediately seemed to find him as attractive as he found her. Perhaps it was all an act. He then found himself reflecting that it if it was indeed an act it was a very good one. As soon as she opened the door and saw him, Sally's eyes lit up. Somewhat to his consternation, she then took him by the hand and led him to her bedroom. Jack protested that the reason he was there was to interview her, not to enjoy her body as a regular client might. She laughed and said she understood, but she was always at her most relaxed in the bedroom - and besides, it was the place where she did most of her work - and surely the best place for the escort interview! A moment or two later, Jack found himself lying on the bed with the cute young London escort girl. Jack prided himself on his professional integrity, but Sally seemed to be the sort of girl who was good at getting men to do what she wanted before they had a chance to think about it. Recovering himself, Jack took out his notebook and began to ask questions. He was surprised by the the frank answers Sally provided. She was clearly a girl who very much enjoyed the work she did, even to the extent that she became turned on by talking about it. Within just a few moments of answering Jack's questions she was biting her lower lip, fluttering her eyelashes and blushing. Every time she answered a question she shuffled a little closer to Jack on the bed. A moment later, things began to get even more intense when Jack asked Sally how she went about teasing and turning on the average client. After thinking for a moment, she said that she was very direct and that it was better to show him. With that, the cute young blonde escort placed her hand on Jack's groin and began to search out the line of his cock with her fingertips. He was already hard and before he knew what was happening Sally had unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out. Before he had time to protest she had bobbed her head down and taken his shaft into the warm depths of her mouth. It was at this point that Jack gave some brief consideration to the question of his journalistic integrity. He was supposed to be conducting an escort interview, not having her suck his cock. However, the feelings he was experiencing in his shaft as the London escort repeatedly took it deep inside her mouth were too pleasurable to deny. One thing Jack noticed - although he made a mental note not to actually mention it in his story - was the sheer professionalism with which the young blonde escort did her job. His cock was larger than the average but Sally seemed to experience no problems in taking the full length deep into her throat. Jack shut his eyes and soaked up the sensation. In many ways it was like having his shaft buried in a very tight wet snatch - with the sensation heightened by the teasing effect of Sally's teeth, lips and tongue. Before he knew it, Jack was surging into a powerful orgasm. He had not come for several weeks, so he had a huge load stored up in his balls. This he now proceeded to pump into Sally's mouth - and he was enormously impressed when the young London call girl managed to take down every drop without gagging at all. Not only had Jack learnt a great deal about the way the London escort business works, he found that he had acquired a taste for escorts - it wouldn't be long before he was visiting Sally again. Only this time it wouldn't be in a professional capacity!


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