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Italian Horny Call Girl Gift Wrapped For Christmas

Calling the best escort agency in London was the best thing that he had ever done. Spending a small part of the Christmas holidays with the Italian escort, Alicia, was far preferable than sitting alone in his hotel room wishing that he was at home rather than hundreds of miles away, working for a thankless corporation. Making the call meant that instead of feeling grey, bored and alone, he was warm, happy and burning with passion. The Italian escort had that effect on him, lifted his spirits, made everything bright and fun. It was their last night before he flew home and he wanted to make the most of their final hours together. For this reason, he paced with frustration at the bedroom door. 'Alicia,' he called through the barrier to his lust, 'Can I come in now?' 'One more second,' she replied, there was the sound of the bed springs going up and down and then, 'I'm ready, lover. You may enter.' He threw the door open and stood with his mouth open in awe. The sexy Italian escort lay on the bed, her smoking hot body covered in ribbon. There were big bows at strategic points. She looked at him, her long, dark hair covering one eye. 'Merry Christmas,' she said. Walking towards the bed, his eyes taking in the work that had gone into her gift for him, he shook his head in wonder. 'You look incredible,' he said. 'Thank you,' she said, 'Now unwrap me because I want you to fuck me. That will be your gift to me.' He smiled at her and pulled the end of a red ribbon. The bow came undone and the silky material fell away from the Italian escort's pert breasts. He pulled another end and her flat, toned stomach was revealed to him. Alicia writhed on the bed, rolling so that he could reach other bows. Gradually, he unwrapped her, revealing more and more of her unblemished, golden skin until there was only one ribbon left. Before he could pull on it, the Paddington escort girl reached for him and undid the belt on his bathrobe, she pushed the garment off his shoulders. 'Now you are ready to receive your gift,' said the Italian escort, giving his hard cock an appreciative look. He pulled the end of the final ribbon and watched the fabric fall away from her hips. The ribbon was dark where it had been pressed against her pussy, evidence of how erotic she had found the experience. Alicia held her hand out to him and he took it, sliding his body between her soft thighs. He kissed his Italian escort, deep and passionate, their warm bodies pressed together, her hard nipples against his chest. She spread her legs for him, guiding his hard cock into her hot, wet pussy. 'Oh, yes,' she gasped, 'Fuck me.' Their bodies thrust together, taking it slow, savouring their last night together. The sexy Italian escort cried out, her body trembling, her long legs wrapped around him. Little moans accompanying the quivering in her pussy. 'Thank you,' she whispered. 'Merry Christmas,' he said.


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