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Playing with a Dominant Call Girl

Sexy Roxana loved playing the dominant escort. The strikingly beautiful woman adored sex of all kinds. Quite simply, she loved to mix things up and being dominant was just part of her versatile repertoire. Today she was taking control and she was loving it. Her straight dark hair hung down her back in a sophisticated curtain that brushed her perfectly rounded ass. The dominant escort knew that the view her lover was getting was unbelievably erotic. It was clear that he was having he time of his life. He was lying naked beneath her and she had his rigid cock in her experienced hand. He would be able to see her naked form from behind. Her ass cheeks were spread across his chest. He had told her on numerous occasions how much he loved her slender waist and the feminine curves of her hips. It was truly an erotic sight. The young London escort leant forward, exposing her asshole and her pussy to him. She wriggled backwards until she felt his chin against her pussy. 'You know what to do,' she said. He didn't need any encouragement. She gasped with pleasure as his tongue began to work its way between her pussy lips, finding her clit. His hands reached up and spread her cheeks, a finger pressed against her tight asshole. The busty escort groaned and grasped one of her breasts, massaging it as her other hand worked its way up and down his hard cock. Her hips thrust gently to her own rhythm, undulating in a sensuous roll. His finger pushed up her ass and she moaned, thrusting faster as she increased the tempo of her wanking. Roxana noticed the tremor in her lover's legs and smiled in anticipation of her favourite moment. He licked the sexy dominant escort with more urgency and fucked her ass faster with his finger. The beautiful escort loved anal play and knew that her climax wasn't far away. The cock in her hand suddenly jumped and her lover gave a triumphant shout. Spunk shot up into the air, splashing over her hand and splattering across his belly. Roxana was rocked by the strength of her own orgasm. Her sexy body went rigid, her thighs tightening their grip of his chest. The two of them were left spent and exhausted, already eagerly anticipating the next session.


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