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In-Flight Entertainment with a High Class Escort

Eddie was a playboy - there was no other word for him. A dotcom millionaire by the age of thirty, by thirty-five he'd spent millions of pounds on having a good time: holidays, booze, restaurants, parties and call girls - a lot of call girls! A lot of call girls. He'd spent so much on call girls that he'd even considered asking his accountant if he could write them off against tax - 'a necessary aid to executive relaxation'. Right now, a particularly good-looking young escort called Lucy was sat in the plane seat next to him. She was of medium-height with straight blonde hair, a slim and busty figure and - as Eddie had noticed as they climbed stairs earlier - probably the nicest, tightest arse he'd ever seen on a girl. Here they were in the business class section of a jumbo jet heading for New York. Eddie knew that sexy young escorts loved to shop, and he reckoned that Lucy would give a particularly good performance in the bedroom of his penthouse suite if he and his credit card took her around the high-class clothing stores of Manhattan first. The problem was that Eddie was horny right now - and, judging by the way she kept moving around and shifting positions in her seat, so was Lucy. But they were five miles above the Atlantic Ocean. What was to be done? The problem soon solved itself in Eddie's mind. He was an adventurous kind of guy and leaned over to whisper in Lucy's ear. "Want to join the mile-high club, sweetheart?" They got out of their recliner seats and headed down the aisle towards the toilets. Checking behind them, they dived in and locked the door behind them. "We haven't got long," whispered Eddie when they were in. Lucy was fully aware of this and was already busy unbuttoning her shirt. Soon she was down to her lacy pink bra. She pulled down the fabric of each cup so that her bra stayed on but her naked breasts jutted out, supported by the underwiring. Eddie bent over and eagerly began to lick each nipple to erection as she shuffled out of her her skirt and lacy panties. In a matter of seconds the sexy young call girl was on her knees in the cubicle. Business class toilets were a little bigger than those in economy class, but not by much - it was something of a squeeze! He felt her keen fingers undo his belt and buttons and pull his trousers and boxers down in a single movement. All Eddie could see was the top of Lucy's head, but he soon felt his stiff manhood sinking into the warm wetness of her mouth. Lucy kept her mouth open as wide as she could, and her tongue out of the way, until his cock was all the way in. Then she closed her lips around the base, moved the back of her throat against the tip of his shaft and let her tongue enclose and caress it in her mouth. She took some deep pulls at his cock while working her expert escort's hands underneath his balls. Eddie reached down for the sexy young escort's head and slowly guided it back and forth, controlling the pace to avoid coming too quickly. This might be a quickie, but he didn't want it over in too much of a hurry! The OWO was great, but the call girl was only fluffing him for the main event. Besides, Eddie knew that he'd never be a proper member of the mile high club if he didn't penetrate the young escort's pussy. Without any foreplay, Eddie placed his hands under Lucy's peachy ass, spread his feet wide for the sake of stability, and lifted her up. Being a fit and flexible girl, she wrapped her legs around his back. Eddie then lowered the call girl, who was trembling with anticipation, on to the stiffness of his cock. She was tighter than he'd expected, but incredibly wet. He pushed hard into the escort's pussy. He knew that after all that OWO he wouldn't take long to come. The plane hit some turbulence and the vibrations drove him deeper than he'd ever been before. They both orgasmed at once. This was going to be a fun holiday!


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